Personalised lanyards

Lanyards and bagd holders for your congress and event

The personalized lanyard is an ideal promotional merchandise because you order it for the purpose of promoting your company at a fair or congress, not just to hang up your accreditation and, when the event ends, your life doesn't end there. It is reborn as the Phoenix Bird turned into a keychain, extending the reminiscence of your brand.

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Printed lanyards

These promotional items are ideal for fairs and events as they can be hung as badge holders or used as personalized key rings, generating high brand visibility with a low-cost merchandising item.

Again reading, browsing, wanting to know, we have discovered that the lanyard is not an object of recent invention. No, no, no. The lanyard is already more than used by military and mountaineers and is very often used in construction as part of security equipment.

So if we thought we were modern with the lanyard we know as a promotional pendant... Meeeeeeec. We're wrong again. It is a mooring element with history and it seems that we in History have to prepare ourselves for September.

What we have seen the most at the moment is the promotional lanyard, especially at congresses and fairs, to carry identification, business cards, magnetic keys, and even the mobile phone. I still don't know who can take the latter. The weight of the cell phone grabbing your neck all day...

But outside of these congresses and fairs, they are used as a corporate gift or as a promotional product in smaller events, as well as corporate item in companies, for the use of employees: hotels, banks, real estate, yachts, etc.

Perhaps the most visible lanyard or tape is the smooth, flat, monochrome one, although there are cylindrical lanyards with various colours, which can then be customised on metal elements that are part of the assembly or on sticky labels.

In addition to the variety in shape, size and color, there are differences depending on the pieces: with rings, metal snap hook, detachable buckle, safety clasp and even with micro USB and Type C connector for smartphones and tablets. The most common material is polyester, although lanyards are also made of silicone and natural fibers such as cotton.

For the personalization of these articles, three techniques are usually used: silkscreen printing, sublimation and embroidery, which together with the laser used in other types of articles, is the most durable technique.

The promotional lanyards are a great showcase for your brand. You can't talk to someone who has a lanyard hanging around their neck without looking at the brand they represent. How this product can benefit your business?

  • The brand image is exposed 2-3 times faster than with other products.
  • Confirms the image of the company. A company with its own promotional merchandise gives an image of solidity and seriousness to external clients.
  • And among the employees, they are also strong. A complete corporate image, as part of a uniformity, of a whole.

The result is that your brand is present at a low cost. You have to leave a marketing budget for other articles and other times of the year.