Promotional bookmarks

Personalised bookmarks for your customers reading breaks

The practicality of a bookmark is undeniable. If you look around for fervent novel eaters, you'll see that almost everyone has a promotional bookmark. A book takes several hours to finish.... Can you imagine roguishly printing your logo on the protruding end of the book... A success of your brand's exposure!

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Personalized bookmark for advertising

Methods and systems you use to remember the page where you left the reading of a book. Time! Turn the corner of the page... memorize the number... don't finish reading until you finish a chapter... and why don't you use a bookmark?

A printed bookmark is the perfect solution for knowing where you left off reading a book for the last time. Seems easy, doesn't it? Well, I'm one of those who continue to strive to use other methods that, at the end of the day, have almost always given me bad results. Blessed are the stubborn ones.

To tell you the truth, bookmarks aren't very common promotional products, unless it's an editorial context. However, it is one of the cheapest promotional merchandise most appreciated by customers, especially the most avid readers who spend hours on the subway, at airports or at home hooked up to a good book.

A useful, effective and long-lasting business gift

A small detail that is very practical and thus becomes a more than interesting advertising media. How many hours can you spend in front of a book? Well, all that time will be present your brand and the logo of the company printed on the personalisable bookmark.

The key in advertising companies, in fact, is to provide customers with useful promotional gifts, which are effective and which are also kept longer. Three strategies that perfectly meet a simple bookmark for advertising. It's that simple and that profitable at the same time.

To all this we must add the versatility that a personalized bookmark can have within the same context. It can be a perfect advertising gift between book authors, publishers, teachers, libraries, schools, reading events, book presentations, congresses, colloquiums, gatherings...

Printed bookmarks of different designs

And don't think that promotional bookmarks are just the ones you have in your mind right now. There are designs to suit all tastes and to extend the radius of action of this giveaway product: bookmarks with ruler and magnifying glass, cardboard bookmarks in the shape of a house or a clip, oval bookmarks with a more elegant appearance, etc...

They are very original designs with which you will be able to attract attention and provide an enormous degree of visibility to the brand or the information you want to show. Because they are also an excellent idea to promote an event such as a birthday, communion or any related party.

Do not forget, of course, that this is one of the best corporate gifts and the cheapest. The investment that can be made in an advertising campaign with personalized bookmarks is very low compared to other items. And without losing anything in scope and effectiveness, quite the opposite.

Therefore, a personalized bookmark is a more than interesting promotional product. Useful, practical, economical, original, you can give a lot of game from the design you want. An ideal support for you to stop folding the pages of books and remember better where you left the reading.