Safety jackets

High visibility safety vests personalized with your brand

Branded reflective vests can be very useful if you have to organize popular running or bike races, for example, to identify the organizers of an outdoor event or even to promote your brand by giving your customers promotional safety jackets for their cars.

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Promotional safety jackets

A few years ago, the regulation came into force that made it mandatory to have at least one reflective safety vest in our cars. The pioneers were the Italians and the Spaniards, making their use compulsory since 2004.

This fact has been used by companies to give away promotional reflective vests with logos. A truly welcome promotional merchandise, because to be honest the hi visibility safety vest is not a product that has ever been on our shopping list.

Currently, safety jackets are used in areas beyond their mandatory use in vehicles. Many sports clubs use promotional safety vests to identify the staff of the sports event organization. It is very common to see it in cycling routes, popular races, herds of skaters, etc..

The ready-to-wear of the promotional safety jackets

The use of safety jackets is so widespread that it has succumbed to fashion, as if it were a pair of jeans or any other garment. You can find saftey vests in very bright colours: from the most typical fluorescent yellow, to orange, fuchsia, green, blue reflective vests, and even black safety jackets.

It may seem contradictory that a black safety jacket is considered a hi-visibility safety vest, but the reality is that these vests have strips that are the ones that give them that reflective characteristic.

These so-called retro-reflective strips are designed for visibility in low-light areas and times. These strips turn reflective safety jackets into a real light bulb when a beam of light, however weak, hits them. By day they are visible by the colours of the safety jacket.

A hi-visibility safety jacket as a personalised gift

Think about it, promoting your company by printing your logo on a safety jacket can be a fantastic idea. By screen printing we can mark your logo with a very generous printing area. You have many design possibilities. For example, on the front of the vest you can print your logo on the chest of the vests, and on the back, in large, the most original advertising slogan you can think of for your merchandising campaign.

You can also think of promotional safety vests for use in events with children, as we have hi-visibility safety jackets with special measures for children. A fantastic idea for schools, kindergarten, summer camps, school competitions.

The evolution of safety jackets is not yet over. We can find from reflective safety straps, also called harnesses, to hi-visibility dog vests. Because they also deserve to enjoy a night stroll without fear of not being seen by a car that can cause displeasure.

Take a look at all the variety of promotional safety jackets we have, filtering by color, ask us for a quote and tell us what your idea is. We will help you with the design, the range of colours, the delivery times and everything you need to be happy with your marketing campaign.