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Branded mice and mouse pads with your logo or design. Giving away an advertising mouse guarantees that you are on the same desktop as your clients. If you complement the mouse with a mouse pad with sublimation printing, the result will be optimal for your promotional products campaign

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Personalizable mouse pads and mice

The first mouse pad I had was printed with the Barcelona'92 logo. My goodness, how long it's been! Those Olympic Games didn't need a lot of publicity, that's true. However, you do realise the importance of making a brand visible every day. Precisely what you can achieve with these printed mouse pads and mice.

The mouse pad is an indispensable element so that you can operate your computer mouse in the easiest, most comfortable and quickest way. A very simple article, but at the same time very practical and useful. But, from a promotional point of view, have you stopped to think about what it means as a promotional item?

If you put yourself in front of the computer every day, you will be visualizing the advertising printed on your mouse pad or your personalized mouse. And since today it seems that we cannot live without these devices, you will tell me the degree of advertising visualization that you are going to achieve.

A cheap and very profitable giveaway product

Personalized mouse pads and mice have become the cheapest corporate gifts with the best value for money on a promotional scale. Your brand logo will always be present in two very practical and useful computer accessories.

It is true that the use given to these giveaways is clear. They may not have the versatility of other promotional products, but the fact of being an excellent advertising medium plays in their favour. One of the most outstanding and visual in terms of office.

Dozens of possibilities to choose your mouse and your promotional mouse pad

Just take a look at these mouse pads and mice to see that design plays an important role here. There are calendar mouse pads, with integrated calculator, mouse pads with printed photo, with keyboard, car-shaped mice, wired mice, wireless mice, etc.

I see these printed mouse pads now and remember mine with the Barcelona'92 logo and what a change! There are designs to suit all tastes: round, square, oval...

What about the promotional car-shaped mice? I'm thinking it would be a very eye-catching and original gift in any company related to the automotive world, don't you think?

This variety of branded mouse pads and mouse designs is great for giving these accessories in any context. Perhaps you imagined that they could only fit into the computer world, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In short, you could say that a mouse pad or an promotional mouse are two business gifts with great visual impact. The image of your company will always be visible and in a striking and original way.

Each of these promotional items are very practical and useful and have a very high level of acceptance. It should not be forgotten that this is an economic promotional gift according to the advertising impact you are going to get.

In addition, they are durable items that may take a long time to go out of fashion. Unless in the next few years the technology advances much faster than we expect.