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Give your customers personalized fluorescent highlighters branded with your logo, image or message and make your company stand out in their memory every time they use them. Turn a highlighter into an original promotional gift that fills your clients' offices with color.

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Highlighters as promotional products

Almost without realizing it, we have been highlighting texts all our lives. Already at school we used a fluorescent highlighter to highlight the most important phrases in a lesson in the hope that it would be easier to remember. We also used highlighters to highlight handwritten notes while listening to a teacher who seemed to have a lot of things to tell, but in reality the bell indicating the end of the class never arrived.

Highlighters are still relevant in the world of work. Although we must be aware that we must print only the strictly essential documents, there is still a lot of paper in offices around the world, some important and others that should never have come out of a printer.

In any case, in a company where documents abound there are fluorescent highlighters, it is inevitable. And this is a good opportunity for companies like yours, who are convinced that the giveaway products is a powerful marketing tool, which well planned will give you results difficult to match when it comes to attract new customers and help retain your most valuable customers. Statistics on the use of promotional gifts speak for themselves.

Personalizing promotional highlighters

These items have their usefulness, at least for some people. I personally have used them very rarely throughout my life, but in the office of RegaloEmpresas there is no table where there is not a hightlighter prepared to paint with striking colors a boring balance sheet, a bank statement, a list of customers or the list of upcoming texts of promotional products categories that remain to be developed.

If you think about it, using these products as corporate gifts will serve both to highlight important parts of text and to highlight your own brand. Surely without knowing how you are able to name at least one brand of highlighters. Come on, do the exercise and challenge your brain's ability to absorb information. Have you come up with a name? For example, Stabilo. This is proof of why printing your company's brand on a promotional item is so effective in marketing.

Now you are aware that printing your logo from a personalisable hightlighter is a fabulous idea to keep in mind. These products are cheap promotional products and we have a good variety to choose from in the catalogue. We have them with fluorescent ink orange, green, yellow, blue and pink. In addition to the usual fluorescent highlighters, these promotional items have evolved to surprise your customers with very original designs. If you look at the products above this text, you are going to love the idea of the highlighter in the shape of nail polish in various colors, or the triangular highlighters with three different colors in the same product, and another highlighter that is shaped like a light bulb.

All these promotional products are personalisable. We'll print your logo on them to help your brand stand out like you deserve.