Pen sets

Give your customers a set with a pen, roller and fountain pen

Personalized pen sets are the next level in the promotional gift chain. Ideas should be written down immediately as soon as they come to mind, even if they were thought up at two o'clock in the morning or while watching a movie. Great ideas can't escape you. To avoid this, it's best to have a writing set like these at hand. Pen sets are practical as well as complete corporate items for your brand

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The elements that make up a pen set may vary; that is, it is not always a roller and a pencil. They can be a pen and a mechanical pencil, a fountain pen and a mechanical pencil, a fountain pen plus a pen and you can even find more complete cases that come with a key ring or a card holder. In any case, always a padded case with at least two pieces with a solemn presentation.

You can print your logo in colour or in laser on each of the components of the pen set and also on the case in which they are presented. It will truly be one of the most positively printed promotional gifts, so your brand will be evident and related to a product with a valuable image.

If the idea of giving a pen set as a gift goes around in your head, it is because you know your client well and you know very well which promotional items you are going to look good with. The symbolism of a pen set as a gift evokes the identity of your company, the gift with your logo represents your brand and the advantage of offering it lies in that projected image. However, as a product itself, it has two functional and practical elements that are part of everyday life: pencils and pens. What else?

This is always the big question. The answer is a resounding YES. Of course, it will cost more than buying pen pieces separately, but there are pen and pencil sets made of recycled cardboard that are very cheap and made of plastic too. The wooden ones and the metal ones have different designs and finishes, from more austere and cheap to more sophisticated, all with a very powerful look.