Printed wooden pens

A promotional wooden pen: the originality of the natural

Personalizable wooden pens are a very attractive corporate gift. In reality, they have little or nothing to do with traditional pens. Their rustic appearance conveys a different image. A small detail of differentiating quality in favor of your brand

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Leave the plastic behind, choose a wooden pen for advertising!

A pen is a classic promotional gift. When you go to an event and get one, you see it more like a promotional item. But, oh my friend, it all depends on the type of pen it is. Because if what they offer you is a personalized wooden pen, that changes, doesn't it?

So much so that this type of promotional pen is no longer appreciated as a propaganda item. Other values come into play here such as elegance, distinction and, why not, respect for the environment, something that today gives a very positive image of any company.

A practical, long-lasting and classy giveaway item

Just have a little look at the catalogue of promotional wooden pens you can find here. They are much more attractive and elegant than the typical ones.

There is a wide range of elegant and original wooden pens. Wooden pens made of bamboo, Boisel, Woddal or Nairobi, pens with pushbutton, with ruler... Even a set of metal ballpoint and rollerball with its case to have a much more distinguished gift with your customers.

Not in vain, wood is a material that is always very pleasing to the eye and has a touch of exclusivity. A classy personalised gift that will leave no one indifferent. For a small investment in advertising you will get to have a distinguished detail with your customers.

A wooden pen is the type of article that you know perfectly well that the customer will use, so you get that your company logo can be seen more easily.

A personalised wooden pen as an ideal promotional gift

The pens themselves are one of those business gifts you can offer in any setting or context. They do not require a specific audience or a specific delivery date.

However, the wooden pens are very good for example in those companies that work in the sector of ecology, wood or new energy and biodegradable.

They are also perfect in office environments, commercials, sales teams, etc. It won't be the same image you can give if you sign a contract or any important document with a traditional pen than with a much more elegant wooden pen, will it?

Don't tell me you won't be more chic if you take a branded wooden pen out of your shirt pocket, huh? It's very likely that everyone will pay attention to your pen because it's something different than usual. And if they pay attention to it, you know, that's what you gain in visibility for your company's image.