Metal pens

Increase your brand's prestige by giving away promotional metal pens

A printed metal pen takes your brand to another level. With more look and feel than a pen of any other type, the metal pen doesn't have to mean more expense. In this category of personalised pens, you'll find a wide variety of contemporary, functional and beautifully designed metal pens models, as well as quality finishes, to give to your customers or to equip your offices and desks with a distinctive touch

Why should I purchase promotional metal pens?

If at first you may think that you are going to spend more money on a personalized metal pen than on pens from another range and that it is not going to compensate you with the return, you will realize in a short time that it will have been worthwhile to choose the metal pen as corporate gift. Your brand deserves to be represented by quality items, you want to avoid it being associated with your company with something that has little value. Your message is: this is what we spend on people like you who trust us and, therefore, you deserve the best and we show our appreciation.

Are there any affordable promotional metal pens?

Without a doubt there are very low-priced metal pens, which can be compared in price to other plastic promotional pens. There are pens from 0.30 Euro that offer style and elegance. You will earn a return on your investment while buying a pen with a more premium look.

How is a metal pen different from other types of pens?

The main difference is obviously the material. A metal pen is at first sight a promotional item with more character than a cardboard or plastic pen. They are more resistant to the passage of time and to the use we make of them. A personalized metal pen is more associated to a corporate image of greater consistency, not necessarily more traditional. Nowadays there are metal pens with a classic design that resembles pens and pens of well-known and traditional brands, but there are also metal pens with a colorful and modern design, with fashionable finishes such as soft-touch that can be associated to a modern brand image.

Is the logo print on a metal pen durable?

Most metal pens can be personalized with pad printing in one color, but the ideal for a metal pen is to be personalized it with laser engraving. Laser engraving is the most durable technique available and also the most distinguished.