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You may not know that corn serves as an environmentally friendly substitute for plastic in pens. Find here pens made of recycled plastic, cardboard, corn or wheat fiber. Let your customers admire your commitment to the environment. A green, green company gift...

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There are several types of environmentally friendly pens: made from materials such as bamboo wood, cork, recycled plastic, cardboard, recycled newsprint, cornstarch, rice and even wheat straw.

Although choosing and giving away other products depends on the occasion and your target audience, when it comes to personalized pens the best sellers are the cheapest and most ecological ones. Among these, the bamboo fibre and cardboard pens are the best sellers so far, maybe because of their natural colour that allows a good combination with the corporate colours of the companies. However, we believe that the rest of the pens made of rice, wheat, corn, etc. will soon add to the list, displacing the traditional plastic pens.

Branded pens are used in huge quantities all over the planet so it is important to make a wise choice: a eco pen reduces plastic consumption significantly. We know that merchandising should be original and this is not at odds with responsibility or ecology. Nowadays companies have to comply with their social and environmental commitment. Giving ecological pens as gifts will say a lot about your company and does not mean a decrease in quality or creativity. Your customers will respect you and feel more attached to your brand.

All our organic pens can be personalised with your logo in one, two or more colours. It is also possible to print a full colour design with laser engraving.