Printed rollers

The ideal alternative to the typical promotional pen is the roller

How we loved roller pens when we were little! Actually, when it came to writing in everyday life, we used others. Because the rollers had a softer writing, simpler, yes... but the best thing of all was when we boasted about them with our classmates. Or didn't you do the same?

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Change your mind, try a personalized roller with your logo

A roller differs from a traditional pen by its liquid ink, while the latter uses a thicker, more pasty ink. This causes the roller to glide more smoothly over the sheet when writing. In addition, most rollers have a plug to prevent the ink from drying out.

Personalized pens are one of the most traditional promotional items in personalizable products catalogs. But to go a little further in terms of elegance and good taste, nothing better than opting for the roller for advertising.

Personalized rollers as a sign of elegance and distinction

Giving away a promotional pen is something that must have happened to you at some point. A very common promotional merchandise, but it always has a lot of acceptance. However, a roller as a corporate gift is something else.

Yes, it is true that its function is the same as that of the traditional ballpoint pen, but with the printed roller the perception of your business is different. Let's say it's associated with the writing that this pen offers: elegant, fine, silky and durable. You can do the test by giving away one pen and another and you'll see the difference.

Those who understand a little of this say that the promotional roller is the perfect pen to secure new customers. The softness of its writing creates a unique and distinguished style, so your marketing action will be a guaranteed success.

Branded rollers pens of multiple designs and prices

I remember when I was a kid there were two or three types of rollerballs and that's it. And the curious thing is that most of us had the same one. Not now, today we have a lot of roller pens for advertising with which to leave a pleasant sensation to our customers.

There are plastic, metal, in a case, exclusive rollers and other more informal. You will be able to choose without any problem the pen that best suits your needs.

Personalized pen designs that allow you to easily print your company logo. But they are also perfect as a gift for any event, congress, etc.. The truth is that this type of business gift is very versatile and adapts very well to any situation.

A personalized roller, therefore, is one of the best options for your company to stand out and be visible. At the same time, you will be having a very elegant and exclusive detail with your customers.

Not in vain, the writing of these company pens is clearly identified from the rest. A classic seal of distinction that will come from the hand of the logo of your brand. The pen with which you are going to sign more to taste any business.