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Draw the line that will lead you to enjoy your advertising promotions with personalized pencils

Since we were children we have felt a special attraction to pencils. Even back then we loved scribbling on paper, books, and on a wall if we were left alone! The saying "He likes a pencil better than a fool" is one of the most accurate I know. If I myself have a pencil nearby and am talking on the phone, I suddenly realise that I've been halfway through the conversation scribbling meaningless pictures on a piece of paper.

I don't know what kind of magnetism pencils have that makes them irresistible.

In the business world, customised pencils are used in many areas and types of companies: hotels, restaurants, shops, industry, bricklaying, golf courses, events. It seems impossible to find a company without a pencil. And generally, all of them have at least one model of customised pencil with their logo.

Yes, it is true that the printing area of a customised pencil does not last long. If your logo is very complex, it will be almost impossible to print it on a wooden pencil. But a pencil seems to me to be a piece so noble in its essence that it deserves the respect of being turned into an advertising gift through elegant personalisation.

From the experience I have gained over more than a decade working for RegaloEmpresas, I have realised that almost all of us find it difficult to be flexible with the design of our logos. We tend to believe that our brand is the logo, and only the logo, but if we stop to think, our brand is really the one that our clients communicate verbally, that is, our name. I have not yet seen anyone verbalize a logo, perhaps someone with telekinesis is capable, but a client knows your brand by name. Therefore, I modestly recommend that you get rid of your reticence when dismantling your logo, and strengthen your real branding by printing your brand name on the promotional wooden pencils.

By doing this you will discover a versatility in your brand that you didn't think possible, and you will open a new world of promotional items suitable to become merchandising soldiers at your service.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you with all the information you need, making every effort to ensure that your wooden promotional pencils are worthy advertising gifts to be given to present and future customers.

For example, hotels often use mini-pencils next to the room phone for guests to take notes. This model of wooden pencil barely reaches ten centimetres. The most common model of pencil with rubber is the one that measures up to 20 centimetres. This pencil has different presentations, as we can find it in the always beautiful natural wood, or with a colour coating so that your brand finds its most suitable corporate tone. There are models of promotional pencils that have an eraser on the top, and another however that have a pencil sharpener hanging in the style of a medieval weapon. We can also find advertising pencils for children, and you will recognize them because, they come adorned with coloured dolls that will attract the attention of the little ones. Some of these dolls are also an eraser. A new option that I recommend you that values are the personalized pencils in colour with metallic finishes and also the original flexible pencil. They are very eye-catching and your brand will shine. You can also buy a pencil made from recycled material, ecological wood and other environmentally friendly personalised items.

The minimum quantity of wooden pencils you can buy is 50 units. This is a great advantage that allows you to make your brand known through personalised pencils at a very affordable price.

Our printed pencils have a very fast delivery time. We can personalise all the pencils in our catalogue that have already been personalised within 2 to 5 days. If you want a large quantity of wooden pencils, we will need a few more days, but we will still offer you very competitive production times to adapt to your needs.

The pencils are personalised using pad printing, which is the cheapest type of printing, laser engraving, which offers a very elegant result, especially in wooden pencils and full colour digital printing. If you ask us what our favourite printing technique is in these articles, the answer is that a wooden pencil with a laser print is for us the winning combination. More than a colourful logo, the laser on the wood will delight you and your customers.

We can print full colour in photographic quality on any of our different pencils and mechanical pencils, both plastic and wooden. Bear in mind that we do not print the pencils in 360º, but they are personalised on one side, so it is ideal that your design fits the printing area that we will indicate on each product.

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María Guerra | Key Account Manager

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16 years of experience in the hospitality and event management industry and 5 in promotional merchandise industry allow María speak with true awareness about branded gifts as she has experienced both roles: client and vendor. Her creativity and eye for detail ensure accuracy and originality as well as her capacity to find trend products with anticipation. Her proposals have become blindly trusted and are a must for her key account customers and are the inspiration source for anyone deciding on their next marketing campaign order. Her rea ability is public relations. You want to meet her!

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