Promotional pencils

Draw the line with our branded pencils

Sharpen your advertising campaign with a promotional pencil with your logo. Architects, hoteliers, bankers, hairdressers, bars, schools.... Get thousands of advertising pencils and always have a good bunch of them at sight for your undercover pencils' collector clients

Draw the line that will take you to enjoy your advertising promotions with promotional pencils

As children we have a special attraction for pencils. Even then we loved to scribble on paper, books, and on a wall if we were left alone! The saying "He likes a pencil better than a fool does" is one of the most accurate ones I know of. If I myself have a pencil nearby and I'm talking on the phone, I suddenly realize that I've been halfway through the conversation drawing meaningless pictures on paper.

I don't know what kind of magnetism is in pencils that makes them irresistible.

In the business world, pencils are used in many fields: hotels, restaurants, shops, industry, masonry. It seems impossible to find a company without a pencil. And generally, they all have at least one pencil model personalized with their logo.

Yes, it is true that the printing area of an personalizable pencil is not very big. If your logo is too complex, it will be almost impossible to print it on a pencil. But a pencil seems to me to be such a noble piece in its essence that it deserves the respect of being turned into an promotional product through an elegant personalization.

From my experience in more than a decade working at RegaloEmpresas, I've found that it's hard for most of us to be flexible in designing our logos. We tend to believe that our brand is the logo, and only the logo, but if we stop to think, our brand is really the one that our customers communicate verbally, that is, our name. I haven't seen anyone verbalize a logo yet, maybe someone with telekinesis is capable, but a customer knows your brand by your name. Therefore, I modestly recommend that you get rid of your reluctance to dismantle your logo, and strengthen your real branding by printing your brand name on a promotional pencil.

By doing this you will discover a versatility in your brand that you didn't think possible, and you will open up a new world of corporate gifts suitable to become merchandising soldiers at your service.

What kind of personalizable pencils can I buy in RegaloEmpresas?

For example, hotels use the mini-pencils next to the room's telephone for guests to take notes. This promotional pencil model barely reaches ten centimetres. The most common pencil model is the one that measures up to 20 centimetres. This pencil has different presentations, since we can find it in the always beautiful natural wood, or with a color coating so that your brand finds its most suitable corporate tone. There are models of printed pencils that have an eraser on their tops, and another one, however, that have a pencil sharpener hanging in the purest style of a medieval weapon. We can also find children's promotional pencils, and you will recognize them because they are adorned with colored dolls that will attract the attention of children.

A new option that I recommend you to use merchandising pencils in metallic colors. They are very eye-catching and your brand will shine.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you with all our efforts to ensure that your promotional pencils are worthy advertising gifts to be distributed to present and future customers.