Paintings and crayons

Give coloring products as giveaways and add a fun touch to your promotions

Some might say that the personalized painting and crayon sets are an advertising item dedicated to a child audience. And, mind you, he wouldn't be wrong. However, its originality is not only able to make this type of public loyal, but also to adults

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Your next promotional product could be a set of paintings

What good memories the paint and crayon sets bring back! Even those of us who have always been relatively bad at drawing. But what does it matter? The fun we used to have painting and coloring is not taken away by anyone. Today, because of their special character and many other things, these sets have become a more than original company gift.

Imagine for a moment that you are a customer of a company and it gives you a set of paints and crayons to give to your children. What a curious, nice and original detail, right? The truth is that the impact of giving a gift to customers, but that it is aimed at their children, is greater than if the business gift was for them.

Branded sets of paints and crayons for all tastes

The sets of paints and crayons to personalize that you can find here are for all tastes. They range from the most economical and simple to the most exclusive. It all depends on the frame in which you are going to place the gift.

There are boxes of coloured chalk, boxes of crayons, coloured pencils, watercolours, paint sets, etc. As you can see, and given the great variety we have, they are much more common and habitual advertising gifts than you might imagine.

A cheap corporate gift that will look great on those customers who have children. But also in those others that you know love drawing or painting.

A corporate gift for different events

Promotional paint and crayons sets are usually seen on classic advertising gifts from banks or insurance companies. In some way, they are trying to transmit the values of family security and make you see that they care about having a detail with the family.

However, they are advertising gifts that also have their pull in children's events, in paint or do-it-yourself shops, in family-related congresses and in other related areas.

Recently I was in a restaurant that has a small children's room where children can have a little fun while parents have a quiet dinner. They had a wide range of paint and colour kits, so it could also be a good setting for a gift of this kind to customers.

To tell the truth, and although at first glance many might think otherwise, paint and crayon sets are very fashionable among corporate merchandising companies. A truly original item with which to create a sense of closeness to customers and employees.

If you come home with a gift like this, you will surely end the day painting and coloring with your children. Even if drawing has never been your thing.