Personalized umbrellas

Your logo shining on an printed promotional umbrella

Branded umbrellas are ideal corporate gifts to give at any time of year. An elegant and distinguished article, which is undoubtedly joined by its practical character, becoming therefore a perfect promotional item to insert the logo or image of a business.

Umbrellas, hottest items

Your promotional actions using personalizable umbrellas

It is true that printed umbrellas have always been very effective promotional products for autumn, winter and spring advertising campaigns. Seasons of the year where the rain usually makes an act of presence. However, it is an elegant corporate gift and appreciated by customers even in summer.

We all have an umbrella at home, in the car or at work. An object that fundamentally protects us from the rain or the sun and that fulfils a very outstanding practical function since always. A promotional merchandise very useful for customers and employees and that will generate a remarkable advertising visibility.

Classic umbrellas, golf umbrellas and folding umbrellas

The most prominent custom umbrellas as personalised gifts are the classic umbrellas, golf umbrellas and folding umbrellas. The wide variety of designs, their striking colours and finishes make these items the perfect advertising medium for inserting a company logo.

One of the main advantages of each of these promotional umbrellas is that they offer a much wider visibility of the printed logo than any other object. The design can therefore fit perfectly on the surface of the umbrella, regardless of the size of the logo or the image of the company.

In addition, it is likely to be able to include a greater amount of information, resulting in the end more visual and eye-catching. An aspect that is included in each of the personalized umbrellas.

Very practical corporate gifts

But if there's one thing that promotional umbrellas stand out for, it's their practical nature. They are objects that fulfill a main function, to the point that each member of the family can have their own umbrella at home. A fact that results notably in the visibility of the product.

The advertising campaign that can be carried out using branded umbrellas is more than interesting. Customers will not see this article as just another giveaway product, but rather as an object that will come in handy for use at home, at work or to take with you in the car.

In this sense, it is necessary to emphasize the personalized folding umbrellas, ideal to take more comfortably or of trip. If we are in a context in which our customers travel too much, it can be the perfect gift. The same as if we are in a golf event where they can fit promotional umbrellas of this type.

It is clear that unlike other cheap corporate gifts, personalized umbrellas require more investment. However, an advertising campaign with this article is more than profitable given precisely the practical and versatile nature of this object, not forgetting of course its distinguished and elegant appearance.

In short, an umbrella for advertising is an excellent promotional gift for many reasons. Its usefulness, its large personalisation surface and its greater impact in terms of visibility of the logo or the image of the business are its fundamental motives.

But to these we must also add the ideals of distinction, service and elegance that are associated with the brand when we choose this promotional item for customers. With a promotional umbrella we ensure with complete certainty that the client will use it and give visibility to the brand wherever it goes.

Among the promotional umbrellas are several types, such as folding umbrellas, golf umbrellas, transparent, windproof, reversible, with curved or straight handle, giant umbrella for two people, etc.

Except for umbrellas with special designs, most umbrellas have 8 panels, although it is also common to find a model with 16 panels.

The most common measures in the umbrellas used for advertising are 21, 23, 17 and 30 inches.

Regardless of the size and number of panels, an umbrella can be customized in as many panels as you want. It is most common to print one logo on a single panel, but it is also common to do four prints on alternate panels. Many companies also choose to purchase custom umbrellas in all panels to increase their brand visibility.

The fever for ecological products has reached the corporate gift market for several seasons, and promotional umbrellas have an ideal option for companies committed to the environment: the cork umbrella. Its originality and the use of cork as a manufacturing material achieve a double efficiency, the satisfaction of a client for the gift received and the pride of the company that trusts in an ecological product as a promotional tool.

The windproof umbrella or also reversible are umbrellas made with a design that prevents the rods from breaking by a sudden gust of wind, thus becoming unusable. When the umbrella is used in unfavorable weather conditions the wind can bend the rods. The rods of a windproof umbrella are prepared to resist these stresses, making them immune to the wind.

An umbrella can be personalized and delivered within 5 to 15 days. The amount of umbrellas purchased and the number of printings is the main factor to take into account when stipulating the delivery time.

Yes, in RegaloEmpresas we personalize the whole fabric of an umbrella with full color designs.