Personalised folding umbrellas

Let it rain! I have my folding umbrella ready!

Short, foldable umbrellas are the perfect solution for rainy days or travel days when you don't feel like carrying a conventional umbrella. Branded folding umbrellas are also the best way to take your brand for a walk thanks to their large printing area.

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The weather's been very crazy and unstable lately. We have summers with record temperatures in the UK or Germany and winters are becoming milder in the North, while in the South summer is slow to arrive and is accompanied by unexpected storms. We have rainy seasons in times that used to be unusual, and you have to be cautious and practical at the same time, so carrying a folding umbrella in your bag if you have any doubts when you leave the house is less annoying than taking a large umbrella. The classic umbrella was left to Mary Poppins and we kept the discreet, lightweight folding umbrella.

A foldable advertising umbrella is surprising, because it is small, it hides easily but also... Surprise! Surprising because you remember that you wore it when you suddenly need it and it surprises you when you open it and let a great logo with your brand appear. As much space to show your image as with a larger umbrella, but much more practical.

How much do they cost? Amazingly little. At H&M they sell them plain and without branding at €4, and they are the kings of low cost. We at RegaloEmpresas provide you with this promotional item for less and it will also be a personalized folding umbrella. Scratch your marketing budget and win!

Folding umbrellas are a lifesaver when you travel. They serve as a guide to keep the group together. They are also a great umbrella for the sun if you are walking or queuing to enter a museum. Giving away these promotional products with your logo printed on them will give you a great advantage, because your customers can bring them out on many occasions, rain or shine the sun.

As for variety, you will enjoy choosing your choice from all the promotional folding umbrellas we have in our complete catalogue of corporate gifts. We have several dozen folding umbrellas and you won't be able to complain that you can't find the colour that matches your brand logo. You can choose between umbrellas with manual opening, automatic opening, for women, men or children.

Personalize foldable umbrellas to make wonderful items of claim

When printing your logo on a personalizable folding umbrella, know that you will be able to take advantage of a huge printing area. So big that if you don't want to print a chapter of Don Quixote, you'll be able to include everything you can think of in it. And if you have a lot of designs, or want your promotional folding umbrella to stand out more than any other, you can print on all the segments of the umbrella. The budget may be a little higher, but your folding umbrella will display your logo from every possible angle. However, if you want a cheap, but quality folding umbrella, I recommend that you make a beautiful and eye-catching design to print on a single section of the umbrella. It will be a cheap but equally effective personalised gift.

Remember that if you want a large quantity of folding promotional umbrellas and you also have a flexible delivery time, you can ask us to manufacture them especially for you. You'll be surprised at the price we'll get you. Try it! Trust in RegaloEmpresas to carry out your promotional merchandise.