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Promotional umbrellas for those wonderful rainy days

Get your customers to sing in the rain. A promotional item that is always welcome, either it rains, it is thundering or the Sun shines. Choose your style, sober or casual and we will print your logo on the umbrella. Start praying so your umbrellas are flooding the streets.

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Your logo adorning a colorful promotional umbrella

This thing I'm about to tell you is not a joke. My first memory of a personalised umbrella as a child was finding one in the street with the nice phrase "Scheiß Wetter" written in German printed on it. If you don't understand it, check its meaning with a translator.

I was very impressed by this very original umbrella, and since then I have rarely forgotten to look for personalized umbrellas in search of another jewel like that one.

The reality is that speaking to you now from the perspective of corporate gifts, the anecdote I have explained to you serves me to recommend to you to be sometimes original with the personalization of our promotional products. If you personalize an umbrella with your logo and you also include a slogan as fun as that, the extent of the relevance this umbrella can give you as an promotional gadget can multiply.

You might also like to consider including an Instagram hashtag printed on the umbrella. Anyone who sees it can take part in your action on a rainy day on the street, and who knows, maybe even become a customer of yours. Check with your Community Manager, let's see what they think about it.

Giving away umbrellas personalized with your logo has the main advantage of your client's perception of receiving a promotional gift of great value. Promotional umbrellas are cheaper than those we can buy in a store, but they are equally functional and of very good quality. This allows you to squeeze out your corporate gifts budget, getting you to buy a number of personalized umbrellas that you might not imagine.

You should also note that the printing area of promotional umbrellas is very large. It will be strange if you can't print everything you can think of, as we can mark a piece or, if you prefer, several sections of the umbrella. In fact, if you've come up with a special design for your branded umbrella, we can make it for you by printing on the entire surface of the umbrella. The result will be as impressive and original as the design you have created. Remember to contact us to ask for a quote for a printed umbrella and for anything else you need, don't hesitate to contact us!

Multicolored promotional umbrellas ready to brighten up rainy days. We also have a wide range of umbrellas to personalize, adults, children, square umbrellas, wooden handles, folding umbrellas, automatic opening umbrellas and many more.

Wondering if the colored promotional umbrella you're looking for can be found at RegaloEmpresas? I am convinced that it is. Black umbrellas, bright and cheerful umbrellas, multicoloured rainbow umbrellas, umbrellas in earth-coloured starters. In our catalogue of promotional umbrellas we have such a variety of colours that it is almost impossible not to find the right personalisable umbrella for your merchandise promotion.

Make "Scheiß Wetter" bring you a lot of joy by buying your own branded advertising umbrellas personalised with your logo now ;-)