Promotional tape measures

Cheap tape measures to personalise with your logo as a corporate gift

We live in the age of measurement. But let's not get into cheap philosophies and talk about literal measurement. The one of the meters and centimeters for which tape measures are needed, to which you can print your logo and turn it into a very corporate work tool and an infallible promotional product.

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Advertising tape measures, a good measurement to boost your brand

Tools, in general, are always a very popular promotional item in the world of merchandise. We have commented several times that one of the characteristics that every corporate gift should have is to be useful so that its use in time is prolonged. It's almost a mathematical rule: the more useful you are, the longer your brand is exposed and the better your perception of it. They'll remember you, your company, your services. Pure marketing flowing.

It seems unbelievable, but think for a moment how many times a year you use a tape measure. At least I don't do construction, and I think I've used one at least two dozen times so far this year. My tape measure is not personalized with any logo, and that has made me see the excellent opportunity of turning it into a promotional tape measure.

What types of promotional tape measures can I choose?

The personalised tape measures are available in a wide range of models, with different materials and colours. The most typical tape measure we all know is the black plastic tape measure with yellow touches - who hasn't had one like it at home?

As in the world of promotional products, it is important to have a wide range of colours so that the corporate colours of the different brands find their most suitable advertising support, the tape measures have evolved, dressing themselves in other shades, beyond yellow. Now you can find tape measures for green, blue, red, etc. advertising.

Beyond plastic tape measures, we have the opportunity to customize an elegant metal tape measure. And you know, because we have also told you several times here, that metal and laser engraving are a winning combination. Your laser-etched logo will turn a shimmering metal promotional tape measure into a powerful and exclusive promotional gift.

In addition to the laser engraving recommended for metal tape measures, you also have the opportunity to print your logo with tampon printing, which offers an effective result for a personalized, cheap gift. And if your logo is an explosion of color, let me recommend you to print your tape measure with a large full-color doming sticker. I assure you, you'll fall in love with the result. Your logo will look beautiful forever on your personalised tape measure, protected by a doming sticker that also gives it attractive reflections.

As for the length of the tape measures, the most common is to find promotional tape measures of 3 and 5 meters, although there are also some longer ones.

I forgot to mention that tape measures can be used to measure waist, leg and shoulder circumference. So whether you're a beauty salon, gym or health-oriented business, a promotional tape measure can be a great giveaway idea to promote your business.

Send us your request with your logo and we will prepare a digital montage so you can see how beautiful your logo can look on one of our promotional tape measures.