About us

The History

RegaloEmpresas was born in 2007, many years ago. Marcos Llobet and Javier Torrella decided to create RegaloEmpresas to help companies like yours to promote themselves through advertising gifts. Since then, the biggest milestone has undoubtedly been the internationalization of the company. In the last 3 years we have been making room in other European countries and beyond the seas, we have reached Australia! We are from people and we are from the world, we love to talk to locals from anywhere and adapt to their way of seeing life, expressing themselves and working. This cosmopolitan richness has given us the maturity that allows us to offer you an efficient and versatile service.

The purpose

Create a distribution concept for online promotional products without losing direct contact between buyer and seller and go beyond mere distribution, advising on the choice of article, looking for the best printing techniques for your logo, helping you manage the budget and get your brand into the hearts of your users.

The values

Curiosity: be amazed. Open your eyes, look carefully and learn. Encourage us not to bore you.

Humor: we laugh in spite of how seriously we take everything.

Proactivity: if we don't have it, we look for it and find it for you. Always in expansion of collaborators, suppliers and new sources that bring us what you want.

Adaptability: in constant evolution, observing what is happening around us, which is also your environment, to improve our way of doing things, to be up to date with the trends in promotional gifts, so that you can offer your customers what they love about your company.

Sensitivity: we want to get to know you, we want to be moved by you, to see the beauty of your logo, we want to connect with your brand, its history and its values, with your customers and their needs. We want you to feel us as part of your team.

The work

RegaloEmpresas is a diverse team in which our greatest capacities and abilities have been united, to inspire you with what we do, so that you can perceive that each one of us is strong in one facet and that, for that reason, you will always be well attended even in the moments in which the unwanted frustration appears. We apologize for our mistakes, support you responsibly and accompany you in your personalized dreams so that your clients feel for you what you feel for us: trust and loyalty.

Meet the team

María Guerra

María José Guerra García is her full name, and she came to this world of rebound. For more than 16 years she has been dedicated to the hotel industry and continues to do what she loves: organizing events as a freelancer with her own brand. And she also teaches Organization and Management of Events at the School of Hotel Management and Tourism CETT in Barcelona. It is with her that we travel around Europe and the other continents. It is said of her that she gets distracted by any butterfly, she is versatile and thinks in multi-channel, she gets excited easily, she has her suitcase always prepared and she makes friends wherever she goes, without the need to share her Donettes.

Susana López

An executor as you can find others. Susana maintains a strong discipline in her routine life, which leads her to effectively manage her workload. When she is not sending quotes or checking invoices, it is easy to find her in the middle of training. She loves to swim and is as passionate about running as Forrest Gump.

Javier Torrella

A creative spirit with the body of a self-taught programmer with more than 20 years of experience in e-commerce. He works hand in hand with Juan Carlos, our SEO manager, and the copywriters who write this that you read now.

He is a perfectionist, tireless and is known for not shrinking from any impossible situation. The king of parallel intelligence. When Javier is rarely not busy, you find him playing football, swimming, travelling or taking pictures with his camera.

Other suspicious elements

María, Susana and Javier are just the tip of the iceberg. The team is made up of writers, salespeople, people from the design department, marketing collaborators, the skilful collaborators who work the magic by turning a simple object into your own promotional gift, the marketing people, the life-long carriers who help us to ensure that your orders reach you on time and in perfect condition, ... A whole ecosystem of people prepared and motivated to put themselves at your service.