Corkscrews and bottle openers as a promotional gift

Uncork your promotional success by buying printed corkscrews

The indispensable accessory. How else could we enjoy our favourite wine? Uncover your essences with a classic, modern or electric corkscrew. You can also opt for a bottle opener that will remain at your customers' home to ensure that they remember you without knowing why

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Every great bottle of wine is accompanied by the corkscrew that allows you to enjoy it

Where's a good corkscrew or bottle opener when they're needed? The number of times I have seen them myself having to resort to the most rudimentary methods to open a bottle of wine or beer. Fortunately, promotional products companies such as RegaloEmpresas think of the most absent-minded and bring us this magnificent selection.

Personalized corkscrews and bottle openers are cheap and traditional giveaway products to give at fairs and/or advertising events as freebies. Currently, there are them for all tastes and designs, from the most classic to others that will surprise you and attract the attention of your customers.

To tell the truth, they are two of the most practical and useful promotional articles you can find. But together with this function, they are also ideal for taking your company's image or logo wherever you want.

Corkscrew and bottle opener to brand in multiple ways

If you have a bar, a restaurant or a related products distribution company, a corkscrew or a personalized bottle opener are an excellent idea to expand your brand among customers.

Bottle opener with key ring, corkscrew opener, bottle opener with magnetic head, multifunction bottle opener, electric bottle opener, automatic or lever corkscrew... even wooden cases with automatic corkscrew! You won't be able to resist any more bottles.

And, of course, when you talk about corkscrews and personalizable bottle opener you can imagine those of a lifetime. But now you have a huge variety, to the point that many of them look really good as elegant and decorative corporate gifts.

Essential promotional merchandise for the kitchen

A promotional corkscrew or a bottle opener are two accessories not to be missed in any home kitchen, bar, cafeteria or restaurant. I have a friend who even has a little theory about the quality of a wine according to the type of corkage. And I imagine that will be affected by the fact that you have a good corkscrew, won't it?

These two promotional gifts can then make all the difference to the customer. As they are printed with your logo, they will become your company's ideal advertising gimmick or promotional merchandising item. A distinctive stamp to insert in any item you have.

The main advantage of all this is that, in addition to being a cheap business gift, it is a great option to expose the image of your business to customers in the bar, cafeteria or restaurant.

In addition to these places, this type of advertising accessories also have a place in events related to the world of hospitality, promotional fairs, congresses on wine, and so on. It is not even strange that we can see a personalized corkscrew inside a wine set, an exclusive and elegant promotional item.

What is clear is that corkscrews and bottle openers for advertising are corporate gifts that have always had a great acceptance. Everyone has these bottle opener accessories at home. And if it is not the same it is because you have never been left without tasting a wine for not having been able to remove the cork.