Personalized hip flasks

A promotional hip flask branded with your logo to impress your customers

Hip flasks are one of the most original promotional giveaways we can make. The ideal is that they fit into the right frame, but the truth is that they have a lot of pull in gastronomic events, fairs and congresses of drinks or even in special celebrations

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Hip flasks, a traditional article with personality

Every time I see a hip flask I always remember that friend who said: "I'll buy the last drink!" And when he touched it, he would take out his flask and give us all a squirt of what he had there. Surprise drink.

Without going any further, until a few years ago they were an excellent original wedding gift for men. But fortunately now it has become a unisex detail for all genres.

An elegant and traditional promotional product

We don't have to stop here to talk about the function of a hip flask. It's a practical promotional merchandise for what it is, that's all. However, the models we can find here make us see that they are also a gift that confers a lot of elegance.

Metallic hip flasks to personalize, flask cases with glasses, flasks that include a leather carrying case. The gift is at least original, but also very attractive. What for advertising purposes would be perfect, as it would be an ideal marketing support.

Precisely, these hip flasks can easily be printed with your company logo. But they can also integrate any information you want, so they look great as an original gift in any special celebration.

Branded hip flasks with surprise effect

Merchandise is usually focused with the aim of surprising customers. A traditional corporate gift is welcome, but may not attract much attention. In order for it to acquire a certain value, we must ensure that it is a practical detail that the client will use.

In this type of promotional items also comes into play the surprise factor. What do you think you can better surprise your customers, something practical and functional, or rather an eye-catching and original detail?

Hip flasks can fit perfectly in all these areas. Precisely, it is a practical promotional gift, but at the same time it will cause surprise by its striking and original touch.

In addition, they also have a touch of elegance. The materials used to make these pouches are of high quality, making them a lasting gift, while the shiny colour of the metal gives them a distinguished and differentiating tone.

Seen this way, it is evident that a printed hip flask can be a more than interesting gift, both at a working level and in a more intimate celebration context. Our own experience confirms this.

As this good friend from the beginning said, there is only one thing more elegant than a simple hip flask: a laser engraved hip flask. That's why it didn't surprise us at all that on his wedding day he gave the guests a personalised flask with a souvenir photo of the couple. A very original idea, isn't it?