Promotional cocktail shakers and stirrers

Shake up your promotions to boost your business by giving away advertising shakers

The promotional shakers you can see here are suitable for both professional and home use. Whichever circumstance you choose it for, I am convinced that it will be a very original corporate gift that will capture the attention of anyone

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Cocktail shakers and promotional cocktail shakers as promotional merchandise

Having a cocktail is synonymous with being at a good party or on a terrace enjoying the summer and the good weather. While we wait for both situations, or at least one, to come into our lives, there is nothing better than taking a look at these personalized shakers and stirrers.

You don't have to be an expert bartender to know how to use a shaker. And even less with the ones we present here, ideal for mixing all kinds of cocktails or spirits. A branded shaker is one of the best accessories when it comes to preparing a good party at home.

Every good shaker should be accompanied by a promotional shaker to shake the cocktail well and to have the best taste. It is not known if the secret of success is in mixing or shaking well the ingredients of the cocktail, but with these elements you will be able to do easily the test.

Personalized professional or home shakers

At a professional level, these advertising cocktail shakers will be a perfect support to carry your company's image or logo everywhere. Imagine for a moment that the brand of your business appears printed on a shaker of this type at any important party or in a restaurant. You will have managed to make it very visible.

It is also probable that you will see a cocktail shaker advertising in some event related to the world of the hotel trade, but also in any event of multitudinous type, be it a wedding, a business dinner, a family celebration, etc.

If it is a shaker for personal use, it is clear that it is a corporate gift more than interesting. It is not the typical advertising gift, but you will manage to go a little further by covering your detail with originality, service and good taste.

Remove and stir your shaker with the personalized shakers

If there's one accessory that should accompany every shaker, it's the printed coktail stirrer. It is a rod, generally made of plastic, used to mix or stir low-density liquids. I don't think it is necessary to explain how a shaker is used, is it?

Promotional cocktail stirrers usually come in various colours and shapes for further commercial promotion. They are the perfect complement for your personalized shaker, although separately it is also a cheap business gift to have a small detail with your customers, especially if they are related to the hotel and catering world.

Cocktail shaker and stirrer, cocktail stirrer and shaker, form the perfect advertising tandem for your company. An original, eye-catching and elegant gift that will make the image of your business associated with service and quality.

How they always want to take the shaker out of the showcase of the lounge and prepare some cocktails. Any excuse is good for that. And if it's in a shaker that you've just been given as a gift, it seems that the cocktails taste better, right?