Branded wine bags for your gourmet clients

In vinum, veritas. Complement the wine bottles you plan to surprise your customers with one of these elegant wine bags personalized with your logo, brand or image.

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A bottle of wine with a personalized wine bag, the perfect corporate gift for Christmas toast

Choosing the perfect promotional product to promote your company or send your best wishes to your customers can be a real headache. At RegaloEmpresas we are always at your disposal to offer you help with your promotional items, and if you have chosen wine as the main character of your promotion, we will recommend a good gift to support you as a luxury squire.

Wine is one of our favorite personalized gifts when we want to wish our most valuable customers a Merry Christmas. Wine is synonymous with elegance and good taste. It is a gift blessed by the god Bacchus himself so that your clients may feel venerated. It is such a powerful promotional giveaway that you will multiply every euro, pound or Swiss franc invested in your purchase.

When delivering the bottle of wine to your customers you can make a strong investment with promotional wine boxes or choose a wine bag personalized with your logo. Both are valid options, and only depend on your budget. Obviously, branded bags for wine bottles stand out because they are cheaper than boxes, so I recommend them if you have bought a large number of bottles to distribute to your customers.

Personalizing wine bags gives your image a certain air of distinction and that will make your customers feel highly valued when they receive the corporate gift. The personalised wine bag is a cheap option that appears the opposite: distinction and power.

The world of wine has been enjoying a boom for some years now that has brought the knowledge of the most professional and snobbly wine tasters to populus. Hence the added value of wine-related items. In previous and subsequent chapters we talk about other complements that are used as promotional gifts: decanters, wine sets that include corkscrews, decanters, bamboo boxes for bottles, coolers.... If we have not mentioned it previously we also sell you the wine and, if you want, we personalize the label and we take care of the handling and shipping to the recipients, because we know from experience that they are heavy and bulky gifts.

Available models of promotional bags for wine bottles

You will be able to choose between a wine bag made of non-woven material, and jute wine bags. Non-woven bags are a cheap promotional item, they will cost you a few cents per unit personalized with your logo. It is available in various colours and with a handle for carrying them or with a loop for tying around the neck of the bottle.

On the other hand, the promotional wine jute bags all have their characteristic neutral color embellished with elegant colors. These personalized jute bags can include a window to display the label of the wine bottle. They are so beautiful that if you chose the non-woven bags, perhaps you could buy a few in jute with capacity for one or two bottles of wine to deliver to very special customers.

If you do this, you'll get a lot out of your corporate gifts budget because you'll be covering all your customer profiles with the right promotional product for each of them.