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Buy in RegaloEmpresas personalizable masks in bulk to be able to go out to the street or to work with more security and to avoid contagion by the Covid-19.

Yes! Customised FFP2 face masks with logo!

Personalised FFP2 face mask

Corporate image and safety are not at odds. We are back to enjoying in-person events, alternate days in the office, trips and visits. Keep your brand visible, while protecting your team, with custom face masks with your company logo.

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I want to buy FFP2 face masks with my logo on them

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Disposable face masks and other protective elements for the Covid-19

Concern for the welfare of your team if they cannot stay home, for your own personal care or donate protective gear for the Covid-19 you wish to help. Protect yourself and others with mouth masks and screens. As mentioned above, there are disposable breathable masks, N95 FFP2 masks, FFP3 masks and other more sophisticated respiratory mask models as well as protective face shields. We offer you the disposable masks, N95 masks and face shields. Here we explain you how each of them is so that you know how to differentiate them and choose the one you are interested in better:

Frequently asked questions about personalized face masks

The disposable face masks or surgical mouth masks are the ones we have had at home almost always, to remove the dust, not to breathe the paint when we renew the walls in spring, those that have been given to us when we have gone to visit someone in isolation... This kind of face masks are the most basic ones, they are light and foldable. They are single-use, so don't do as some people do out there, who wear them several days in a row. These masks properly fulfill their function for 4-6 hours and after that it is recommended to throw them away and replace them with a new one. Their cost is low, they are the cheapest. They are one size fits all and they are adjusted to each of us by means of a little wire in its upper part, which falls on the nose, and by means of the elastic bands that you attach to the ears. This product is offered without personalization.

The differential characteristic of the N95 masks is that they are 3D, they have a three-dimensional design, more bulky than the surgical masks. They are made of quality non-woven fabric or non-woven, they are dustproof too and offer multilayer protection, filtering dust, germs, smoke and almost 95% of particles in the air. They match other models in that they are disposable and have a soft touch that will not scratch the skin. They are comfortable, within the comfort of wearing a protective mask all day. They are certified according to official requirements and CE approved. This type of article cannot be personalized.

Finally, face shields are different in every way. They cover your face completely, with an approximate size of 21x25x6cm, although they are also one size fits all face sizes (and even the hardest faces), and offer total protection against splashes. They have a rubber closure and a skin protection area made of EVA foam, a resistant but kind to your face material. And yes, they can be customised with a sticker, so you can have your protective mask personalised with your company logo. This model of protective face shield is reusable and can be easily cleaned. This protective face mask is mainly used in dental clinics, laboratories, hospitals and is even a good choice for kitchen staff or people who handle liquids, waste and other irritating substances in contact with the skin.

The ideal is the face mask with a filtering efficiency of 92% to 98% with 3 or 5 layers. Disposable mouth masks can also be very useful to avoid infections and those used in the medical sector. These masks are delivered without printing. When you do not have one of the two types of face mask mentioned above, it is a good idea to use reusable face masks. This type of washable face mask is made of cotton or polyester and has the advantage that it can be personalised with a logo by sublimation printing, screen printing or embroidered logo, although they are also available without printing.

If you are an at-risk population due to age or illness, the ideal face mask for you is the KN95 mask with increased protection capacity. For the rest of the population, a disposable face mask or even a tailor-made fabric mask is appropriate. We do not recommend the use of a valve mask because it offers protection only to the person wearing it.

Check the regulations of your country regarding the use of masks, because in many places in Europe their use is compulsory. However, the use of the face mask is always recommended, whether or not there is a safety distance.

Yes, in RegaloEmpresas it is possible to purchase the personalised face mask with the design or logo of your choice. A face mask offers a very large print area for a logo and if you want to customise the whole mask you can choose sublimation printing. Sublimation is suitable for colour graphics. For basic colour printing the best option is screen printing. Custom face masks can also be embroidered. Contact us and we will quickly send you a quote for the production of the ideal custom mask for your graphics with shipping costs and delivery times. The minimum quantity for an order of customized face masks is 25 units.

Our customised face mask made of cotton and polyester allows up to 25 washings without losing its filtering function. You don't have to worry about printing your logo, because it will perfectly survive all washings without fading. It is a great advantage to give your customers and employees a washable and customisable face mask, because being able to wash it is a guarantee that any pathogens you may have had have been eliminated before each use.

In our catalogue of protective products we have a customizable mask made in a special size for children that perfectly fits the face of the little ones. You can also choose customised mouth masks for women and teenagers, because we know that standard size masks can sometimes be too large and damage their protective function.

Wearing a face mask for many hours can cause pain in the ears due to the tension of the elastic bands. To prevent this, there is a PVC product called face mask strap, where we can put the rubber bands on and lighten the ear for greater comfort.

We offer free shipping for all orders of our customised face masks. The production time for logo face masks usually ranges from 6 to 9 days, so depending on the destination, you can expect to receive your face mask order within 8 to 10 days.

All our personalised face masks are subject to European regulations and comply with all current certifications.

We recommend washing our customised fabric face masks at a temperature of 60ºC. Under these conditions they can maintain their effectiveness for up to 25 washes.

Customised cloth face masks are reusable for up to 25 washes, while customised FFP2 face masks should be disposed of after use for a maximum combined time of 8 hours. Surgical and social face masks are single use only.

The FFP2 face masks for personalisation that we sell are free of graphene and latex and are manufactured according to European safety and quality standards.

To ensure that there is no contamination when storing the face masks, there are convenient mask boxes and washable cloth bags to store them in when not in use. These can be stored in a bag, rucksack or pocket for convenience and peace of mind.