Hand cleasing gel

Hand cleasing gels, alcohol wipes and other hygiene products for your business

Due to the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 virus in all companies, hygiene measures are going to have to be taken to an extreme. The most important factor of contagion is the fact of taking the hands to the face. Disinfect your hands easily with our selection of hand cleasing hydroalcoholic gels and personalised alcohol wipes.

Did you know that the antibacterial gel was invented by a nurse named Guadalupe in California in 1966? She patented it and then disappeared. No one knows her whereabouts and why Lupe Hernandez disappeared at that time. It wasn't marketed until 1988 because its use was restricted to hospitals. And her great popularity was accompanied by another pandemic, the 2009 influenza AH1N1 or influenza A. The hydroalcoholic gel disinfects and is used to stop the spread of germs, replacing water and soap when these are not available and never better.

The hand cleasing gel for personal use can be found in several formats: in monodose envelopes, in 100 ml and 200 ml bottles that can be easily carried and also in 500 ml bottles to which you can attach a dispenser to keep it handy, and never better, in common areas: building entrances, receptions and counters, in bathrooms and office desks.

In this section of the special category Covid-19 that we are preparing (yes, in gerund because it is alive and evolving along with the virus, according to what we learn from it, and along with the changes that our lifestyle experiences) you will find the hydroalcoholic gel formulated with the necessary components to be really effective, based on alcohol and ethanol.

The gels we have in this section can be purchased without customization and with customization and are delivered within approximately 15 days. It is manufactured in Europe.

We consider that these disinfectant gels are a fundamental tool for hygiene and health in the workplace, so buying them as other basic risk prevention products is already a must. But we don't just stop there. We also think that it has become a very useful corporate gift, because whoever receives a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel today will appreciate it as much or more than a technological gift until recently. They will carry your brand and your employees or customers will wear it close by to disinfect it throughout their workdays. Going further, we believe that it is an ideal gift for your company to give to associations and non-profit organizations that do social work and have a non-existent budget to buy this precious and sought-after material all over the planet.

It is a moment to be collaborative and help all those who are close to us, both those who are your direct responsibility and those who are not, but who are in fact everyone's social responsibility. Let's contribute as much as possible and make your brand the best ambassador. Your logo in the fight against the coronavirus.

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