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Hand cleasing gel 200ml

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This Hand cleasing gel is not only bactericidal, but also viricidal. You can check this by reading the label on the bottle. If the composition includes 70% alcohol, it is rapidly bactericidal, tuberculicidal, fungicidal and viricidal, but does not act on spores. But if the gel only contains alcohol, it will not kill the viruses but the bacteria. To act against viruses it must contain ethanol, which acts as a strong and more widely virucidal than other types of alcohol.

If you have returned to the office, if you have walked the streets again, if you have shared space on public transport, if your company has returned to normal activity and your workers with all this, you should think about providing yourself and everyone else with hand cleasing gel that helps maintain constant hygiene and the necessary disinfection to help make the environment as aseptic as possible, avoiding the spread of bacteria and viruses. If you have not returned to the office but would like to have a detail with your clients and send them a package of prevention products and personalized with your brand logo, if you would like to contribute with a donation of sanitizing and disinfecting products such as hydroalcoholic gel, we make it very easy for you. Here you will find answers to all the questions that arise from this new situation that affects us all and has us all upset.

Is this hand cleasing gel effective against Covid-19?

Yes, it has an alcohol content of 70º and also includes ethanol in its composition, which makes it effective as a viricide. Other properties it has are wide spectrum antimicrobial action against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, as well as against yeasts and fungi. It has an intense and rapid microbicidal action, reducing the risk of transmission of infections. It is applied, on the always healthy skin, a quantity of 5 ml. approximately on the hands, it is rubbed and it is left to act during 1 minute at least. It should not be ingested and should not be applied to the skin of people who are sensitive to its components, nor to extensive areas of skin, nor for a long time. It is recommended not to be mixed with other products.

What is the composition of the hand cleasing gel?

The one we sell in the 200ml and 500ml formats is composed of 70% alcohol, glycerin, water, phenol, ethanol, hydroxypropyl, perfume, methylcellulose, benzene chloride, propylene glycol. So it fulfills the functions that we have described to you, bactericidal and viricidal among others, to maintain your hands sterilized. In addition, it's domestically produced. It is non-irritating and can be applied simply without water or towels. It can be used anywhere and in any situation. It evaporates quickly without leaving any residue on the skin and has a pleasant perfume.

What are the sizes of the hand cleasing gel you have?

The hand cleasing gels you find in this special section are available in 200 ml. and 500 ml. formats. The small bottle of hand gel is easily transportable in your handbag or rucksack, you can take it with you anywhere. And the large format of half a litre is ideal to have near the sink, the wash basin or on the desk, because there is the option of putting a dispenser that will make it easier to apply. If you are looking for other smaller formats such as single-dose sachets of disinfectant gel or even larger formats such as multi-litre carafes, write to us with your special request and we will send you the different options and prices available.

What is hand cleasing gel used for?

It can be used at all times and if we are referring to professional environments the product guarantees a quick disinfection of the skin so it is ideal in hospitals, ambulances, forensic clinics, veterinary clinics, dentists, pharmacies, kitchens, canteens, restaurants, schools, day-care centres, factories, supermarkets, offices, banks, changing rooms... Currently the hand cleasing gel is perfect for everyone and everything.

Can I print my corporate logo on the hand cleasing gels?

Yes. The labels can be customized with your logo in full color. All you have to do is send us a file with your logo or design and we will prepare a sketch for you to see how the jars will look.

When can I receive the personalized hydroalcoholic gel?

The high demand for gel can cause deadlines to vary. It is estimated that about 15 days will be needed to deliver the bottles of hand cleasing gel. In case of delays, we will keep you informed at all times.
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