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Hand cleaning spray Tamen

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These days, it's important to maintain optimal hygiene. We come into contact with germs, bacteria, dirt and other factors on a regular basis every day, and there isn't always a sink around to wash your hands. The promotional Hand Cleaning Spray Tamen is the perfect way for people to enjoy safe sanitisation on the go wherever you are. The pen-like design and cap are made of sturdy plastic material and the mixture within contains 62% Ethyl alcohol - the ingredient that effectively cleans away most bacteria.

With it's compact and convenient design shape, size and weight, these promotional products are for everyone to use. They can be effortlessly tucked away in your pocket, car console, diaper bag, purse or backpack when not in use, so you can easily access it whenever needed. After handling money at work, touching animals, shaking people's hands and performing other daily tasks, or before eating and touching your face, you can take out this hand sanitizer, spray your hands, and within seconds you have successfully become more hygienic! Keep away harmful bacteria that can cause you to get the flu, a cold, or something worse.

The exceptional convenience and practicality of the Hand Cleaning Spray Tamen's can be taken a step further with our printing options. You can print a logo or brand name in full colour along the tube, making these cheap promotional items an ideal way to advertise your business or show your appreciation to clients. Clinic practices, office-based businesses, restaurants, and many other company types can utilise these benefits and give them away to share the convenience with others. Or, why not thank guests with their very own personalised hand sanitizer at a baby shower, birthday party, or other events? Everyone will admire the pocket-sized functional item!

What inside the Hand Cleaning Spray Tamen?

They are a spray for your hands, like a sanitizer. They have an Ethyl alcohol 62% content, and they come in a pen-like plastic tube.

What is the capacity?

They have a 10ml capacity.

Can I brand the Hand Cleaning Spray Tamen?

Yes, we offer full-colour printing for these hand sprays. You can personalise them with a name or logo and promote your brand.

Do they come in more than one colour?

Yes. You can purchase them with different lid colours, including red, blue and white.

How much do they weigh?

They only weigh 20 grams. They also have a small width of 1.6cm and length of 14cm. You can go anywhere with one in your pocket, bag or purse!

What is the printing size?

The printing size dimensions are 5 x 0.8cm. This is ideal for text-based designs or small logos. I little bit bigger than a promotional pen.

Do they go out of date?

These hand sanitizers have a shelf life of approximately 3 years.
Product Dimensions Ø 1,6 x 14 cm
Item Weight 20

The price could be subject to modifications without previous notice. They exclude VAT, branding and delivery costs. Delivery varies between products and quantities. Disclosure of a product does not imply its availability.

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