General Conditions

1. Orders placed on are subject to the following conditions. Accepting an order the customer accepts these conditions without limitations or reservations.
When the term "Company" is used, this will represent SJ RegaloEmpresas Promociones Publicitarias, SL., Commercial name "RegaloEmpresas".

2. Payment terms
Payment of all orders must be made upon confirmation of the same unless the Company has agreed with the customer other payment terms.

3. The risk of the goods will pass to you at the time of delivery. All products, delivered or not, remain our property until the payment is paid in full.

4. Products
We reserve the right to alter any detail or design of the illustrated products without prior notice and, although we make every effort to describe our products accurately, no guarantee of accuracy is granted and no liability will be accepted for error or erroneous description and any resulting loss.

5. Users' responsibility for the content provided
The selection of the content and the images that are going to be printed, as well as the corresponding authorizations for their reproduction, if necessary, are the exclusive responsibility of the users. RegaloEmpresas will only control the technical characteristics of the files and compliance with graphic compatibility requirements.
RegaloEmpresas is not responsible for the unauthorized use of images by users or any type of violation of the rights of third parties that may exist on them.
Therefore, the user exempts RegaloEmpresas from all liability towards third parties that could claim violations of intellectual property rights, damage to the image, honour, decorum, moral integrity or any patrimonial or non-patrimonial damage caused by the printing of the images and for the contents loaded by the user himself.
RegaloEmpresas reserves the right to block any request that represents a clear violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties or whose contents are defamatory, violent or do not respect public order or morality in any way.

6. Changes in designs
In order to effectively print the designs that the client sends us, it may be necessary to adjust or redraw the illustrations. You will be advised of the changes made and the corresponding additional expenses that may occur. Personalization of any product will not begin until the written approval of the design is sent by the customer via email. You must notify any error or discrepancy in the designs or orders, as we accept no responsibility for errors or omissions in the orders once approved.

7. Color variations
Due to the variety of materials and printing processes used by the Company and its suppliers, no guarantee of accuracy can be given with Pantone numbers or colour samples provided by the customer. RegaloEmpresas will endeavor to match these colour references as much as possible, but we are not responsible for any additional costs that may arise.

8. Variations in quantity
It will be considered that we have fulfilled our contract by delivering +/- 5% of the amount of printed products requested to the client, who will be invoiced for the final amount delivered.

9. Shipping and delivery will be made according to the conditions defined when placing the order.
We strive to deliver on time, but any given delivery day is the best possible estimate and no responsibility will be accepted for any delay or error in the delivery of orders. The delivery times begin to count at the time of the written approval by the client of the final art. Under no circumstances will RegaloEmpresas be liable for any damages caused by the delay in delivery.

10. Claims
Claims arising from damages, delays, partial losses during transit, as well as quality or quantity of products received must be notified in writing to RegaloEmpresas within 5 days after delivery. After these 5 days after receipt of the goods, they will be considered to comply with the quality and quantity with the terms of the contract. You must examine all products delivered at the time of delivery and confirm receipt. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the merchandise in transit unless you notice a loss or damage at the time of delivery.

11. Right of withdrawal or return
The right of withdrawal / return without penalties and without specifying the reason, which is the norm for "consumer", does not apply to most of the services offered by RegaloEmpresas, since it deals with tailor-made and clearly personalized goods.
Consumers may exercise the right of withdrawal or return only in relation to some products in which no personalization has been carried out.
In this case, the user may terminate the contract within a period of 14 days from the delivery of the products by notifying us through the usual means of contact.

RegaloEmpresas will send a confirmation message to the user indicating the method of return of the product. Once the product is returned, RegaloEmpresas will refund the corresponding amount to the user.
The return costs of the products are paid by the user.