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Golf is a different sport, calm, practiced outdoors, rain or shine a sun of justice. A precision sport in which carrying a good umbrella will help you to obtain the necessary concentration and without wasting time, which is a basic rule. Make your brand contrast with the green.

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Customized golf umbrellas

Golf and umbrellas, umbrellas and golf. Let's see where I start because this can be a lot of fun. Maybe (that adverb is going to make the boss happy) the most logical thing to do is to start with golf, which is what gives us the stage. Then we'll talk about the article in question.

You can really imagine the things I've been learning since I was a content creator in this house. I would never have said, but never ever, that golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century and has been little and intermittently Olympic.

Golf is a fine sport, so fine and honorable that it has a developed label.

With this introduction that puts us in situation, we will imagine that we are on the green (or grass for the rest of the mortals), ready to practice our swing and improve our handicap. Now, it's time to talk about the umbrella. Yeah. Golf is a sport that has its own umbrella. If it doesn't lack detail.

Since this sport is played outdoors, you can take a nice walk around the countryside and get a shower when you least expect it. Of course, if we also take into account that it was invented in Scotland and that it is to the United Kingdom what Asturias is to Spain, we must imagine that it was easy for rain to fall frequently.

So such an honorable and divine sport has a relatively unique accessory to fight against such a common and vulgar element as rain. These golf umbrellas, which are used for the same purpose as conventional umbrellas, differ practically in their design: they have a larger diameter, the cuff is straight (conventional umbrellas have a hooked cuff) and are usually very discreetly coloured, mainly black.

If your company has an audience that practices this sport, if you are a hotel within a golf course, if you are a golf course or if your brand is going to be present in a tournament as a sponsor, the personalized golf umbrella is a perfect advertising gift.

Golf umbrellas customized for honorable athletes

The golf umbrella with your logo is going to walk in front of thousands of eyes along a golf course, from hole 1 to hole 18. You will wish it rains more than ever.