Promotional rulers

Measure your promotional success with rules and scale rulers as a giveaway product

In any office there has to be a rule, and if this rule is a promotional one, so much the better. And if it also has your logo printed on it, even better. Use a ruler or a scale ruler as an personalised gift to measure how far your company can go.

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The promotional ruler that strengthens your growth

If you and your company regularly give promotional gifts throughout the year, you know that it is sometimes easy to get stuck with creativity. If we don't leave our merchandise promotions in the hands of advertising agencies or marketing departments, in the long run it can be very difficult for us to choose the protagonist of our next corporate gifts.

We always want to be original in order to make an impact on our clients, while at the same time we want an object with a fair price and at the same time our client perceives that the gift we have given him has a higher value. In addition to looking for a cheap promotional product we also sigh so that we can come up with a useful idea with the longest possible life expectancy.

Today I am going to recommend you an promotional item so that you can include it in your list of future candidates, the personalized ruler.

Rulers for all audiences, scalimeters for the most technical

You may be wondering what advantage you can offer to give these personalized products to your customers. If we talk about the most common rules, first and foremost obvious advantage is the fact that it is easy to guess, because it is an item that although we do not use it often, is always present in any office or home. This brings us to a second advantage: it is a long-lasting personalised gift.

The fact that its use is not as common as other promotional merchandise does not mean that your brand is less exposed. On the contrary, a rule is an almost obligatory element in any desk, if not over it, we will always find it at hand. And speaking of your brand's exposure, as personalisable rulers are rather large products, their printing area is also large, allowing your logo to be fully housed, so that it will attract attention whenever it is visible or even someone using the ruler.

And we keep adding advantages. Did you think you were not going to find original rulers in RegaloEmpresas? This time I love to tell you that I was wrong. In our catalogue you will find wooden rulers, plastic rulers, metal rulers, flexible rules, rulers with calculator, fun children's rules, folding rules, bigger, smaller, different colours. We even have a model of a ruler with puzzles! You have many options to choose from, and you're sure to find yours.

On the other hand we also have scalimeters that can be personalized with your logo. Scalimeters are widely used by architects, designers, engineers, carpenters, etc. Any professional who needs to design scale plans will welcome your promotional scalimeter with joy, it is a highly valued and useful tool for their day to day.

As you can see, the rulers are a surprisingly versatile promotional item, because it works very well for countless types of clients, from schools, academies or any other type of company to clients whose activity is more technical.

After reading this text you already know a little more why the rulers are part of our promotional gift catalog. Now all you have to do is trust us, we will be very happy to be able to help you and you will be too because we are going to put all our effort and experience on your side.