Personalised coffee machines

Print your logo on a Nespresso coffee machine

A personalized capsule coffee machine elevates your brand with business and goodwill. The impact of your logo on a Nespresso coffee machine is proportional to the number of coffees that only one person drinks at the end of the day, which statistics indicate is an average of 3 cups per day. How many employees drink coffee in your company? How many customers or suppliers do you receive in your offices? How many times do we organise meetings and events with guests at the end of the year?

How to have the best coffee in the office and get your staff motivated

According to a study showing Nespresso on its website, 84% of employees believe that a company that offers Nespresso coffee shows that it pays attention to quality and so do we. And if we believe it and the employees believe it, so will your customers. It's a social, cultural thing. Coffee breaks are essential to encourage conversations in the corridor that enrich relationships between colleagues, intimate conversations to talk about business.

If years ago we experienced the fever of the sommelier, of the wine lover and connoisseur who came along, or perhaps it was before or maybe after, the fever to become all chefs and mini-chefs, small gourmets, recently there has been a fever of baristas, coffee experts and gourmets of this drink who are able to know the origin of the grain just by smelling the coffee machine.

This is the reason why specialized events are held in the world of coffee, during which professional baristas show their art and share their knowledge with the enthusiastic public, as well as holding competitions that make everyone dynamic. And going up a level, there are the events in general. Those that, for one reason or another, take place throughout the year, bringing together thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of people in any part of the world (Mobile World Congress, FITUR, PSI Düsseldorf, company meetings, exhibitions and product launches, etc.) where coffee breaks follow one another incessantly, become the most important moments of these fairs and congresses. Ideal moments to socialize, share ideas, close deals giving a personalized touch to your catering services.

Why should you buy personalised coffee machines?

To have items personalized with your logo is to create a complete and solid brand image. In short, merchandising. So the question is, why not add a printed coffee machine to your list of promotional items? Why not give a corporate touch to your offices, your meeting rooms or the events that take place outside them? Setting up a meeting room when you convene the board of directors, when you meet with suppliers or when you invite participants and speakers is not just another add-on, it's the icing on the cake. You can personalize basic products such as pens, bags, cups, candies and folders. Put banners and signage with your logo at the entrance to the room, but you can really win over your audience with a branded Nespresso coffee machine.

Are they compatible with the original Nespresso capsules?

Yes, our personalizable Nespresso coffee machines are manufactured by manufacturers authorized by Nespresso. Therefore, all the coffee machines we offer are compatible with the original coffee capsules.

What type of printing can be made on a Nespresso coffee machine?

The coffee machines are printed on full-colour vinyl. The printing area is very large and we also have additional options that allow you to make individual customization if you want to give a customer or an employee one of them as a gift. In addition, the printing service of these coffee machines is very fast: in only 5 days they will be finished and ready to be sent.

What kind of guarantee do these personalized Nespresso machines have?

As they are original coffee machines, they are all top quality, durable products and all models offer a 2 year guarantee.