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Cheap and colorful promotional beach flip flops

The good weather is coming and we all feel like taking off our shoes and putting on our flip-flops. Take advantage of the summer to give your customers promotional flip-flops branded with your logo and let them walk around the beaches and swimming pools on their holidays... A fresh, fresh promotional product.

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Today I'm going to go straight to the point, do you want a fabulous idea as an promotional products or even as a wedding present if you get married during the summer? We can personalize for you beach flip-flops with your brand logo or the name of the bride and groom along with the date of your wedding. There are few personalized items that are more appropriate for the summer and at the same time evoke that longed-for summer happiness among the people who receive it.

Summer is light, the days are long, therefore the daily experiences multiply. We live day and night with an intensity that only happens at this time of year. We want to go with little clothes, leave our oppressive shoes at home, how much we want to walk with our feet fresh! How much a client or wedding guest can be thankful for promotional beach flip-flops.

Buy some beach flip-flops as promotional gift and give away the essence of summer

Promotional sandals and beach flip-flops are a very affordable item of appeal. For just over 1 euro you can have a pair of personalised flip-flops with whatever you want. 1 euro for your own beach flip-flops? Yeah, just like you read it. Among the cheap promotional giveaways, beach flip-flops stand out because of the balance between price and the perception of a high value received. That is, the person to whom you give your flip-flops may think that you have made a great effort for him, that he is very important to you. This makes branded flip flops a star gift. Every euro spent is a very well invested euro.

What models of promotional flip-flops do you have?

Among the personalizable beach sandals, the models that stand out the most are the Brasileiras or Hawaiian ones, the reference AL9343. You're going to recognize them because they incorporate a Brazilian flag in the foot straps. These are without a doubt the best sellers, as they faithfully reproduce the style of the worldwide recognized Havaianas, and this makes them attractive because they increase even more the perceived value of your promotional merchandise.

In addition to the Brasileiras you also have similar sandal models and others with even more original designs, always with plastic or fabric straps.

When it comes to personalising beach flip-flops, we can mainly choose between a 5x5cm print on the heel of the sandal and printing on the flip-flop strap, as long as it has a smooth surface. We can personalize for you both flip-flops or, if you prefer, just one. Personalizing a single beach flip flop is a smart way to save on your merchandise order, because one sandal will always go with the other, so your advertising feels will be present.

As a special personalization, I would like to tell you that on one occasion we made a special presentation for a French bank with the Brasileiras flip-flops as protagonists. In addition to printing the bank's logo on the sandals, we printed an promotional flyer for them, which we inserted in a special way in the bag in which the flip-flops are presented. The result was really attractive. If you are curious, you can ask us for photos of the action to inspire you.

This is an example for you to know that we are an promotional products company with ideas, that we don't just do what you tell us, but we love to surprise our customers with original proposals and we love to do fun things with your logos!