Promotional cooler bags

Get a breath of fresh air with a cooler bag as a corporate gift.

This item is invaluable for a hot day at the beach, an cooler bag personalized with your logo or your brand image. Cool off your client's beers and sodas with this practical promotional product. We print your logo in any of these cooler bags for cans and beverage.

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Personalized beach cooler bags.

The first thing you do is to dream of a cool beer can at the beach, right? Hahahahaha. We are beyond redemption. The beach cooler bag is a must for any lizard-man who loves the beach. Its cousin the beach umbrella and it are inseparable and make the perfect kit.

The thermal cooler bags are one of those corporate gifts which are extra-practical because of their purpose in itself, they are adaptable to a diversity of circumstances in our lives.

And if we think beyond the beer in August, about something more mundane than this: the daily lunch box. How many times a year does this happen? Let’s say 300 days. 300 days lugging the isothermal lunch box in which you have printed your logo! That really is making a brand visible. Let’s the person who carries the lunch box to work is also taking it back home: 600 trips. Let’s say that a person has commuted, so used the train, the subway and/or bus: how many people have unconsciously fixed their eyes on the branded cooler bag? How many colleagues shared the employee canteen with that person? How many colleagues have then also seen your brand in that cooler bag? Immeasurable.

That is one of the possible scenarios. If you take into account each model of the thermal bag there is and every situation in which it can be used, you will realize that the personalized cooler is an authentic advertising exponent, an extraordinary promotional item.

Let’s review the additional models. There are more conventional small cooler bags than we can imagine, bigger and smaller, the ones that can even help you do the shopping. There are rigid cooler bags and soft cooler bags, foldable cooler bags. The bicycle cooler bag, with a design adapted for this healthy mode of transportation; the foldable cooler bag which along with the camping cooler bag are a great invention!; the drinking jug thermo (it is best if you search for it and see it with your own eyes), bottle carrier thermal bag specifically for a single bottle, like for example, of white wine, which guarantees the wine arrives at its ideal temperature. And the cooler backpack. The cooler backpack is a wonderful option and they exist in any colors and capacities.

In general this promotional merchandise item has a very wide printing area so any logo may be suitable. The printing techniques that the cooler bags accept are also varied and let us use your colorful logos.

Did they seem like too few ideas? We have some more. The thermal cooler bag let your clients children go on a day trip carrying their tasty meal, it can also carry medicines which require specific temperature for a short period of time, you can gift it to your team and take them out to a team building activity.

The thermal bag is to leisure what the bag for conferences is to corporate.

Remember: The personalized cooler bags and thermal bags are an excellent advertising gimmick, not for nothing they are in our corporate gifts Top Ten. We guarantee that the ROI (Return on investment) of these promotional item's advertising impact generously exceeds 2 digits…

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity. A cheap and useful corporate gift like this will expose your brand without limits.