Branded laptop backpacks for merchandise and promotion

Corporate gifts that are in vogue: computer backpacks

Here is a selection of the best laptop backpacks that you can customize with your logo and offer as a promotional product to your employees and your customers with great features and top quality.

Promotional laptop backpacks to boost your brand

You can put almost anything you want in a backpack, but laptop backpacks are specific to these gadgets so they are protected. Whether it's for pleasure or obligation, most of us carry our laptops with us, so getting one of these laptop backpacks is not just one of those simple promotional items. It's a good promotional gift idea, almost a blessing as you not only save on the economic cost but also on the time spent searching and reading information, comparing prices, checking your laptop's inches and finding exclusive brands that sell laptop backpacks not at all cheap. So if you have a company in the middle of brainstorming looking for promotional merchandise for advertising campaigns, if you are the marketing manager in an educational institution and want to innovate with gifts for students or even teachers, if you are looking for corporate equipment for your employees or if you organize events and conferences: the personalized laptop backpacks are a high impact gift. They will make a great impression on whoever receives them.

Are promotional laptop backpacks trendy?

There are austere and classic models, more sophisticated models and very modern and up-to-date models. Laptop backpacks, although varied in design, tend to coincide in some features: several pockets of different sizes, a padded interior to offer protection to the computer and also the straps are padded to be comfortable on the shoulders. They are usually in grey, black or blue, sober tones to easily match the image of each brand and to make it an elegant office material. On the back, which is attached to the back, some models have breathable material, which avoids excessive sweating and the anti-aesthetic frames on the T-shirt or shirt.

Are laptop backpacks waterproof?

Yes, some models are made of waterproof material: 2Tone nylon or 600D polyester with a waterproof finish to protect the computer. In fact, they are among the best-selling models.

What other accessories does the laptop backpack have?

They usually come equipped with other very practical accessories: headphone output, USB for connecting a power bank, inner pockets for storing writing accessories, key rings, sleeves. They also come with external pockets for bottles.

Do your laptop backpacks include powerbank?

Yes, and there's one particular product we love: it's a nylon computer backpack with a built-in 8000 mAh removable battery and includes a waterproof AC adapter charging port plus a battery level indicator, in black that is customised to make the logo look beautiful in contrast. If not, you can also buy the power bank with the capacity you prefer and personalize it with your logo to match the laptop backpacks - that's a top gift!

Do they have a secure lock?

Yes, some of these items have an anti-theft system that consists of a main zippered compartment and a back part with 2 hidden pockets also with a zipper, for greater security. The laptop backpack should offer quality for the shopper, protection for the computer and security for the wearer.

Do you have backpacks for 17" laptops?

Yes, we do have several models that can fit a 17" computer. The laptop backpack that you will most easily find will usually fit a 14" to 15.6" computer.

How can notebook backpacks be customized?

Different printing techniques that adapt to the printing area, the manufacturing material and the colours of your logo. Many of these items can be printed not only on the outer pockets or front area of the backpack, but can also be branded on the shoulder straps, leaving your brand in an area with less exposure and with a much more discreet and elegant result.

Are the computer backpacks customized with embroidery?

Without a doubt, embroidery is one of the techniques that can be applied to this corporate gift. The embroidery is a safe purchase because of its precious result and its durability. Embroidery is a quality technique for quality items such as personalized promotional backpacks.

At what price can the laptop backpacks be customized?

You are in the middle of an advertising campaign, you are looking for a corporate gift for your clients, for your guests at an event, and you can't find the buget-friendly laptop backpack model that fits your target audience perfectly, but we can suggest the cheap laptop backpack you are looking for with our advice service so that you can make the purchase efficiently and we can bring it to you immediately. The price range of the personalized laptop backpacks is very wide and we will find yours easily.

Do you have a laptop backpack purchase advice service?

We help you to choose the model you are interested in depending on the quality, color, type of printing, delivery time and price. If you contact us, we will advise you free of charge until you are sure of placing your order and we will accompany you during the rest of the printing and shipping process, until it reaches you.

Is there a minimum purchase for promotional items?

The minimum purchase for a laptop backpack is 25 units. In some cases exceptions can be made by applying additional charges for smaller quantities. The suggestion is not to make a purchase of less than 10 units, but this depends on the model you choose, so we will give you more information when you send us your detailed request.

Can I buy a laptop backpack without customizing it?

It is possible to buy backpacks to personalize without printing your logo. For this option there is no minimum purchase, the budget will include the unit price and the quantity you want and the shipping costs.

What is the delivery time for these products?

The personalized items have an approximate time of 7 to 10 days although sometimes we can improve it. For products without a logo, the delivery time is 24 to 48 hours. For international shipments, the delivery time for an unbranded laptop backpack is 2 to 5 days depending on the final destination from the confirmation of the purchase. We accept order from all over Europe!