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Laptop rucksack Urban

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You haven't met an urban backpack until you've experienced the Laptop rucksack Urban - a modern, trendy, and sophisticated backpack with a versatile design that immediately feels like a helpful friend in addition to a stylish accessory.

Is this backpack waterproof?

Yes! The Laptop rucksack Urban is waterproof, and this is what makes it one of our very special (and durable) promotional items for sale. It features a high-density softshell with tarpaulin material and an outstanding impermeable quality due to its fabric and unique zipper design preventing water from leaking in. This way, all of your precious items, such as electric devices and paper documents, don't get destroyed if you're travelling through rain or humid conditions!

What can I fit inside this rucksack?

The Urban laptop rucksack, despite its slim, urban design, can easily store a 14" laptop, a 10.5" tablet, and numerous other possessions, therefore making it an ideal commuting accessory. This spacious interior, in combination with its waterproof design, makes it more of a valuable backpack over any other. There is even a front pocket for more storage, which is also easy to access when required.

It's stylish, but is it comfortable?

Yes, this backpack wasn't made only to be stylish or spacious. It's also very comfortable for its wearer. The adjustable straps grant its user the option to wear it according to their preferences - either loosely or well-fitted. The front of the bag has a soft shell-style design that can also help brace against impacts if the bag is dropped.

Is there a hand grip on this backpack?

Yes, it is difficult to see in the displayed photos, but there is a hand grip for added convenience located on the top of the backpack.

What are the colour options?

The Urban design comes in a modern blue or green colour.
Device size 14''
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