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The best urban backpacks to walk around the city, jump from the subway to the bus, take the bike or get on a plane with your logo on the back.

The best brands usually have several product lines and these in turn divide them by design or functionality of the product itself. For example, if we take one of the big sports brands and look at their website for "backpacks" one of the sub-categories would be lifestyle. A concept that comes to say that life in the city requires sports equipment but redesigned to be in tune with our clothes to go to the office whether you are a lawyer or a graphic designer.

They've been coming on strong for a long time, replacing wallets and purses that hang all their weight from one side only, destroying shoulders and back. This product has evolved and is part of fashion, it is part of our day to day. So make them forget about backpack brands, look for a classic one, but with a modern and practical touch, with pockets and compartments in which you can keep the dozens of devices we carry, offering security to whoever carries it. Buy your own at a cheap price, put your logo on it playing with its color and wait for the ratings of your customers or your students when they receive them and use them every day.

Perfect gift for employees of consultancies, co-workings, for university students, for creative ateliers or architectural studios.

Besides the basic backpacks and the other backpacks we mentioned in the presentation of this section of giveaway products, the backpacks can be classified according to the specific objective: sport, travel, professionals, travel, to name a few. There are also the so-called hydration backpacks that have a water bottle inside, and which have a hose that runs over the shoulder, perfect for sportspeople.

From 10 to 20 litres: with a simple design and bright, fun colours, these are the school bags.

40 litre: recommended for a day trip.

From 40 to 65 litres: for activities that include an overnight stay outside and allow you to carry your bag, a blanket and a change of clothes.

Over 65 litres: backpacks designed for multi-day activities, i.e. perfect for backpackers.

You can also consider the measurements if you are interested in choosing them to carry your laptop.

From non-woven, cotton or canvas, patent leather and polyester to rPET which is very present in the new generation backpacks and PU coated nylon. All with an impeccable finish and with designs adapted to each of the needs of the target market and always with the quality to which your image should be associated.

The first advantage in printing a backpack is the following: BIG. The printing areas of the backpacks are as wide as the item itself. In terms of colours and positions we also have different possibilities. The transfer technique and the vinyl technique allow full colour printing of the logo and some backpacks can also be marked with laser or hot stamping depending on the decorations used and the material as well.

A versatile product that despite its name is not limited to city use, far from it. They are useful for travelling, for a night out, for going to work every morning, as a complement to your clothes, as an accessory to go to university with your laptop. They are generously sized to store belongings, with strong padded straps that hold the weight comfortably, with pockets for a thousand and one cables, which can be fitted with a waterproof cover on the rainiest days of autumn or spring.

They can have wheels, yes. Some models of this product come in a trolley format with wheels and an extendable handle, in which you can put a laptop as well as other belongings. They are ideal to go to one of the easiest meetings out of town where you get on the first train in the morning and go home on the last train in the afternoon. A way to carry a trolley that makes it easy to move around the station, car or office corridors but that you can carry on your shoulders when you are walking on the uncomfortable city sidewalks.

Roughly, yes. Some with more sober designs and others with more youthful and informal designs, others designed for the more adventurous public who do outdoor activities, backpacks for travellers, with more fun and eye-catching colours that could be used to make a difference between boys and girls, but nowadays everything is for everyone, right?

We have models of secure anti-theft backpacks in different sizes, with an exquisite and delicate concept that, in its smaller size, is presented with pastel colors that can be said to be aimed at the female public.

It is a very varied section in models and prices, so the best thing will be that you get in touch with us and let us advise you so that you can choose the one that your image deserves: we will talk to you in detail about everything we have available even if you do not see it on the web, which is the best option for your clients, which is the best price for your purpose.

They are made of thick materials, some more and some less, which guarantee a minimum of quality and durability, because they are also designed to carry weight on a daily basis, so this is not something you should worry about. There are other backpacks made of thinner materials that are designed to carry less and to use less frequently, but urban backpacks are created with the jogging in mind. They are designed to be wearable and I don't mean just carry them around with your stuff every day of the week but you can clean them often too. Both the cheapest and the most sophisticated and premium models in this category are well made and difficult to damage.

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