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The children's rucksack: colourful and romantic gifts

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Let children's creativity begin with the customized backpacks they put their school supplies in!

Do you remember the backpacks you had as a child? I do. I remember every September... I waited for the new collections of school supplies to arrive at that beautiful gift shop in the centre of town, so I could look for the one I liked best. I was guilty of choosing them with pink tones, prints of flowery fields with impressionist traces, so ideal and corny, and it didn't end there. I also chose the notebook, the file folder, the pencil and the matching case. It was a ritual to go to my mother or grandmother at the beginning of each course and they were the best gifts of the year for me. I liked to show off that novelty and so I created my own universe around the school bags. I would come home and write the names of the new subjects on the separator cards in the folder, line up the textbooks and start tidying up for the next day.

So backpacks have an important meaning in the maturity of a child or a teenager. Carrying it means that you are already older, that you have a cave where you can keep your little secrets, not only your homework but also your love poems or the drawings of the ugliest teacher. The backpacks are not only personalized with the school's coat of arms, but also with the scribbles of the compis, the signatures of the students from other schools with whom we coincide in extracurricular activities, in excursions. The rucksack is not just any product, the rucksack is the pillow you lean on when you go to the park after class, looking at the clouds in the open air.

Children's backpacks in which they keep their favourite biscuits for breakfast or afternoon snack are a great gift if you are a nursery or school. They are ideal for giving away because in addition to the practical use of the product itself, it saves parents a lot of material. And don't forget the most important thing, the personalized backpack is part of the branding of your educational institution; the image you transmit with it can give you a lot of prestige and make you the best center, a renowned educational center.

If you want to surprise your new and old students this year, but you can't find a model that you like to combine with your logo among all those we have in stock, we have a children's backpack manufacturing service to suit your corporate colours and have a completely personalized backpack.

The minimum order for customizable backpacks is 25 units. It is from this suggested quantity that the printing costs have a softer impact on the unit price of the backpack. Customized kids backpacks should be a smart investment in your marketing budget for the new course. A colourful gift for your children from the nursery that is good for your image and good for your budget. From us, the shipping of your purchase is free and the delivery is usually very fast.

We have a model of backpack with wheels, trolley type, with a very urban design in colors with energy that will be very cool once personalized with the logo of your center. But what is really good about this product besides its price is that for the child it is better this rucksack with wheels because it avoids carrying weight on the back, which will say a lot about your concern for the health and wellbeing of the students.

In our collection you can find many different models of children's backpacks and school bags, for all tastes and ages, multiple colors, at the best price, and that can be customized by embroidery, screen printing or full color transfer, for your logo or shield. If you are not sure how to get the best result, we will guide you. These products can be marked on the front pocket, on the top and even on the handles. The children's backpack with the logo of the nursery or school, the name of the school and even the name of each student! The best possible way to give gifts.

These products are made of textile materials, mainly polyester and cotton, so they can partly withstand a little rain. However, we do have a waterproof cover that you can buy as an accessory if you want to make sure that your little one comes back with their booklets soaked, in case of an unexpected downpour, and can go outdoors without soaking the dinosaur cookies, and it is very affordable. If you want to know this product, we can send you samples.

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