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Lighter Dori

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With our rechargeable gas Lighter Dori, you don't have to worry about always buying a new lighter. These lighters feature a unique electric mechanism, flame regulator and even child protection for added safety within your home or around children. The usage scope of the Lighter Dori's is virtually endless - take them to work to light your cigarettes, keep them in the drawer at home for lighting candles, use them on camping trips to start a fire, or simply have it around for whenever it is needed.

The rechargeable feature provides you with great convenience. When it's running low on charge, simply recharge it, ready for the next use. The size, weight, and stylish design are perfect for everyone. We offer the customizable Lighter Dori's in a range of neon colours, such as vibrant pinks and reds, or neutral tones like black and white. In addition to this wide selection of colours, we offer personalization on these cheap promotional products. You can advertise your brand, business, or even personalise them to gift one to a friend. Give them away at large adult events to get the word out about your company; with the versatility of such a tool, most businesses can use the Lighter Dori's as a promotional advantage!

Can I purchase the Lighter Dori in different colours?

Yes, we offer this item in various bright neon and regular colours, including black, pink, blue, and white. You can mix and match different colours in one order.

What are the primary features of these lighters?

The Lighter Dori is gas rechargeable with an electric mechanism. It has a flame regulator and also child protection; perfect for if you have kids.

What are the printing guidelines?

Full-colour printing is used for these promotional products. With their particular shape we can print the logo or artwork of your choice!

Are the Lighter Dori's a standard lighter size?

They have the dimensions of 2.4cm width, 8cm length, and 0.9cm thickness. This size, combined with their lightweight of just 15 grams, makes them ideal for any occasion.
Product Dimensions 2.4 x 8 x 0.9 cm
Item Weight 15

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