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Wine set Cander

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The Wine Set Cander feel exclusive with its premium bamboo and metal design and serves as the perfect executive gift for important clients during special times of the year, such as Christmas. Wine lovers will truly admire the natural wood tone and precise craftsmanship of the sleek box. A secure latch closes the box together and within are several tools that go hand-in-hand with wine drinking and serving. These include a drip ring to stop wine dribbles and stains when pouring - it slips easily onto bottles of any size! Wine will not trickle down onto the tablecloth or drip onto the floor with this handy wine tool.

A 2-in-1 corkscrew bottle opener with a knife - this allows you to cut the foil on new bottles of wine before opening it with the corkscrew feature. A wine pourer is also included - this helps to smooth the wine and enhance its flavours as it's poured into a glass. It controls the flow carefully as you pour to reduce the chance of spilling. To complete the set, a wine bottle stopper will close the leftover wine bottles and create a seal so that when they are refrigerated, the delicious taste, consistency, and quality is preserved. Instead of trying to wedge the original cork back into the bottle, wine lovers can easily use this wine bottle stopper.

Each of these tools is perfectly manufactured to deliver an exciting and convenient experience for wine lovers. They feature a lovely wood tone to complement the exterior of the box wine set. We suggest utilising our printing services to personalise this executive business gift for important clients who positively help or contribute to your business. This is a meaningful gift, and with our laser graving or 2 colour silk screen printing, you can make it even more special for your clients by printing their name or your business name on the top or front so that they have a way to remember you.

What does this set include exactly?

The Wine Set Cander includes the wine pourer, corkscrew bottle opener with knife, bottle stopper and a drip ring - all any wine lover needs! Please note that the wine bottle is not included in the wine set.

What are the dimensions of the Wine Set Canders?

They have a dimension of 363 x 112 x 119mm. This fits a wine bottle as well as the included tools.

What printing method do you use?

We use laser engraving or up to 2 colours with silk screen printing. This can be done on either the front or top of the box - it's up to you.

What is this wine set made of?

Natural and beautiful bamboo material constructs the majority of this wine set, and metal is used for the latch and other components. Its beauty and strength will last for years.
Product Dimensions 363 x 112 x 119 mm
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