Kitchen mitten

A personalized oven glove as an promotional product

The boom in famous chefs has made cooking a stimulating place. We want to imitate their recipes, give them our personal touch. The oven is one of the protagonists of the kitchen and, in order not to suffer any shocks, you need a kitchen mitt branded with your logo.

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Kitchen gloves, mittens and pot holders, the perfect anti-burning equipment

In kitchens there are often a wide variety of utensils, and it could be said that they often reflect the personality of the people who live there. There are discreet kitchens, discreet in terms of gadgets and accessories, and then we have semi-professional kitchens, cult centers to the pleasure of cooking one's own most unexpected delicacies. The latter kitchens have everything you need to articulate your imagination and decorate sad dishes with signature meals.

But if there is a common element in all kitchens, it is certainly the kitchen mittens. Although no one likes a burn, raise your hand who has never burned with the oven at its peak. It is mandatory to have a kitchen mitt or oven glove if you don't want to be scared with hot pots and pans and oven trays.

Your company enters the world's kitchens: personalised kitchen mittens with your logo

Although it may not seem so, a kitchen is an excellent advertising space to promote your company. Giving away promotional kitchen mitts to your customers is going to be an excellent investment, because kitchen gloves are faced with high temperatures, but they last and last. Your brand will have a prolonged exposure over years in a place where your customer feels relaxed, so he will not perceive your advertising as such and therefore your brand will become an advantageous Trojan Horse in his head.

For all these reasons, an branded kitchen mitt as a promotional merchandise is a great ally for your marketing objectives. Its great durability, excellent printing area and proven utility give it the star promotional gift aura. One of the chosen ones that stands out among the catalogs of corporate gifts.

The kitchen mittens are supported by two other products of similar effectiveness: the cotton pot holders and the silicone pot holders. Both have the same function, but they are very different items. While the cotton pot holders are usually square with a border around them, the silicone pot holders have a more peculiar design, designed to insert the thumb in one hole and the other 4 fingers in the other, so that the natural prehensile function of the hand is not hindered by the heat of the handle of a hot pot.

Both products can also be personalised to make effective promotional products. The promotional cotton pot holder has, like the kitchen mitt, a large printing area. In the case of the silicone pot holder, the printing area is more limited, but still enough to elegantly display your logo.

Tell us about your promotional project, send us the logo you want to print and we'll guide you through the promotional kitchen mittens and promotional pot holders we have to make you feel proud of the corporate gift they're going to become.