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Key rings are definitely one of the most practical, popular and economical promotional items. They are suitable for all types of public and therefore increase the chances that one of these promotional plastic key rings will end up in the hands of a potential customer.

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Choose from all of our budget key rings to promote your brand

We think you can be original with a cheap keyring for advertising. In this section of key rings you will find the classic designs within the different types: the key ring the transparent plastic key ring in which you can insert a paper with the image you want to personalize it and other models just as practical: the key ring with opener, the key ring with flexometer, the anti-stress key ring, the coin purse key ring.

There are also ecological key rings, made of wood and cork. And the key rings with children's motifs: cuddly toys in miniature size, with animal shapes and in fluorescent colours.

Each of these models has a common function, which is to hook the keys and have them all together, without loss. We all have key rings, in plural, and we know their simple use. Beyond that function, there are the added functions of the key rings mentioned above: opening a bottle, lighting the lock or doing the shopping with the shopping cart.

From here on, everything would be an increase, an addition, to turn the simple key ring into a more sophisticated, more personal, more original object, which is what we are looking for. We can include the key ring in a nice package also printed with your logo, make a set of key ring and pen or key ring and card holder, for example. Engraving the metal key rings with laser is another way to raise the level, to make the key ring a more refined gift. Alternatively, some of these inexpensive key rings can be personalized with full-color doming, which has a beautiful, fresh and current result. Less sober and more fun.

If with all these ideas you still want to go a step further, we have the ideal solution. CREATE YOUR KEYRING. In the material that interests you most, with the personalized shape that you like. Key rings are a cheap and recurrent advertising gift that can be beautiful and give a good brand image.