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Print your advertisement on a promotional paper bag

Get in RegaloEmpresas the affordable paper bags personalized with your shop's logo that you need to deliver to your customers with their purchases. Foldable and resistant Kraft paper bags available in brown and also in white.

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Promotional paper bags are made of kraft paper of a weight that gives them good resistance to transport any product in them.

Indeed, since the bags are an excellent medium for displaying your logo, you can take advantage of the opportunity to multiply by two the visibility of your brand by printing your brand on both sides of the bag.

We manufacture our paper bags very quickly. You can have your order of kraft bags in very few days, usually between 3 and 7 days.

No. You can buy only the quantity you want. This is perfect for you to check the quality of the bags and their printing. This way we can convince you to trust RegaloEmpresas as your favourite supplier of paper bags for your business.