Cotton tote bags

Branded shopping bags to buy... and sell!

A printed cotton tote bag is the latest craze. The big trend. The most current of the shop windows with legs since we are almost forced to pay and not use the unpleasant plastic bags of the supermarket. In fact, the cotton bag is wandering around all the cities with your logo, the best promotional product competing with any handbag.

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If you're looking for a high-impact promotional gift, personalised cotton tote bags are a great option.

These bags have a large visible surface to print your company's logo, they are also ecological, recyclable, reusable and can be 100% personalized.

You can use them for countless occasions, such as:

  • Original bread bags
  • Laundry Bags
  • Beach bag
  • Shopping bag, etc.

Do you know that the price of cotton fluctuates? Do I tell you how cool it is to have a cotton tote bag these days?

Cotton is a natural fabric, coming from a plant, which makes it an environmentally friendly fabric. During the Middle Ages, Spain was the queen of the cotton trade.

Close your eyes and imagine cotton. Cotton is white, noble, pure, fluffy, it makes you think of clouds, a huge mattress, dreams, flying, in the country, in fresh sheets and summer, in your favorite t-shirt. Cotton calls for pleasant sensations with your memory.

Cotton canvas tote bags are becoming very fashionable because they are respectful, durable and washable in addition to their beautiful designs. Taking advantage of the gradual death of the plastic bag, for which we are being charged even 5 cents as a deterrent, going shopping with a cotton bag today is a must. The big brands have wanted to get into this car, they have seen the opportunity to display their brands and logos in these bags that move like a good-natured army through the cities. Brands such as Zara, Mango, H&M have their own shopper version of the cotton bag on which they have printed their logo, which they even sell in their stores. Because of that. Because you need a cotton shopper and they know it. They know that you will end up using it, depending on its size and resistance, to go to the beach, to do the shopping, as a weekend bag, as a dressing bag (let Prada and Gucci tremble).

The cotton bag has more and more variants depending on its size, the length of its handles, the weight of its handles, its dyes (you can find them in natural fabric color and dyed with all the bright colors you can imagine) and represent a good option as an advertising gift given their conditions of customization: they have a large marking area, accept several printing techniques, allow designs with many colors.

Your customers will receive this promotional gift with joy. But can we give you an idea? Make a beautiful design or use a fun and powerful phrase to make your logo look great.

If you want us to advise you to choose the model that suits you best, you know we are happy to give you ideas, join the ecological!

Remember: if you are looking for wholesale cotton tote bags we can make you a very reasonable price. Contact us and we will send you a non-binding quote.