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Floating Keyring Evans

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Searching for a unique yet practical way to promote your fishing, sailing, yachting, or boating business? The Floating Keyring Evans has been designed exactly for this purpose! Our full-colour personalizable option allows you to label this floating keyring with your company name or image clearly.

With a strong EVA plastic composition and metal ring attachment, potential customers and clients can use this promotional product as a way to save their keys when they drop them in water - perfect for people who are often undergoing water-based activities.

Alternatively, the Floating Keyring Evans can be used as a gift rather than a promotional product, or why not use it in a fishing competition for those who participated? The Keyring Evans is particularly vibrant with its rainbow colouring, making it even easier to notice and see in difficult conditions. It'll stand out just like a fish bobber in the water!

What is the Floating Keyring Evans made of?

This floating keyring is made of strong EVA plastic, suitable for connecting them with your keys and will deter any scratches from them.

Can I print in full colour? What is the colour of the keyrings?

Yes, with the Floating Keyring Evans, you may print your design or logo in full colour! The Keyring Evans' have a rainbow colour with red, green, white, black, and yellow; adding to the vibrancy of the keyring.

What are the printing guidelines?

The imprint size of these products is 2cm by 1cm. This is a good size recommended for company names also due to the oval shape design.

I don't have the best vision. Will l be able to see this product from afar?

Yes! The idea is with this Floating Keyring Evans vibrant, eye-popping colours, you'll be able to spot your keys from a mile away, especially if you've lost them in the water!

How small are these keyrings?

These are 8.4cm long, 3.4cm wide, and 1.2cm thick, a size that still allows you to store your keys away in your pocket without hassle.

Is this keyring going to weigh me and my keys down?

Not at all! These keyrings have a net weight of just 8 grams, so it'll feel like no weight is added at all when you attach them to your keys.
Product Dimensions 8,4 x 3,4 x 1,2 cm
Item Weight 8

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