Promotional shoe cleaning sets

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Personalized shoe cleaning items can be an amazing, effective and ideal corporate gift for many of your customers. With a chamois, shoe polish, shoehorn and brush you will get a promotional gift with a touch of originality and distinction for your brand

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Shoe shine sets and promotional shoehorns

When I was a kid, I used to love to walk through the door of my neighborhood cobbler to see him work. I still remember the smell of the wax I used to clean my shoes and the mess of instruments I used. Most of them are hardly used today, but others have a lot to do with these personalizable shoe cleaning items.

Whether you are leaving the house or traveling, your shoes must be clean. It is a sign of distinction and elegance that characterizes many of us. To a certain extent, clean shoes can become another contribution to your personality if you work in front of the public.

Ideal advertising gifts to have at home, at work or for travelling

Practical advertising gifts are the perfect solution for your marketing campaign. Why? Very simple. Whoever you give one to will use it. And that means, among other things, that the image or logo printed on it is always visible.

A promotional shoe cleaner, apart from being an original and different detail, is perfect to have at home, at work or when travelling. Everyone needs to clean their shoes sometime. If we are at home, there is no problem, but what if we have the urge to do it at work or when we go on a trip?

Imagine for a moment that you're at the hotel and you have a super important meeting first thing in the morning. You get dressed quickly and run, and when you go to put on your shoes, you go, the unexpected stain. And now what do you do? Good thing you have your little personalizable shoeshine set with you... right?

The best way to increase your brand's empathy and visibility

If the shoe cleaner has saved some of your customers from this unexpected event, be sure that you have managed to increase the empathy towards your brand. And in perhaps the most unexpected way.

This type of business gift, moreover, is at least very original. It is true that it may be designed for a particular type of customer, but as it is a personal care item you can also use it perfectly at home. It becomes, therefore, an element that the whole family will use.

All this will help you to increase the visibility of your image as well. The secret is knowing how to combine some of the key elements within advertising. And among them are, without a doubt, the practical nature of the item you are giving away and its originality.

These branded shoe cleaners also have a certain touch of elegance. The modern design that accompanies them makes them become classy corporate gifts, which will allow you to increase customer loyalty. Among the shoe cleaning sets we offer you at RegaloEmpresas you can find some of them presented in a metal can, in a nylon case or even in a surprising imitation leather case. They generally include one or several shoe brushes, a cloth to polish the shoes, a shoehorn and wax to give the shoes shine.

Originality, practicality and an elegant design are some of the aspects to take into account in these shoe cleaners for advertising. An ideal corporate gift for your customers and one that will surely save them from a little trouble.