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Yoyo with light Gulu

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The Yoyo with Light Gulu is special and our most unique type of yoyo. They have a bright, fluorescent colour available in blue or orange, but there's more to it than that! When the yoyo is rolled out during play, as the yoyo reaches its full extension, it lights up with a bright glow, then when it recoils, the light disappears. This makes it even more fun and entertaining than the other yoyos - seeing the light glow is addicting, making it an ideal gift for both adults or kids who love toys. The transparent design combined with the fluor colour and glow effect provides a fun, interesting and new outlook on a traditional yoyo.

To make it a gift, why no personalise these yoyos? Our printing options offer full-colour printing for these promotional products - you can rest assured your design will come looking clear and vibrant. Put a friend or family member's name on it, or how about your company image? These yoyos can be bought in bulk and given away at large social events or sold at a larger price to loyal customers to increase brand awareness and perhaps could even grow your customer base.

What colours do they come in?

You can purchase these yoyos in blue or orange.

What can these yoyos do?

The Yoyo With Light Gulu is special because it has a light feature. When rolled out, the yoyo lights up!

Are they heavy? What is the weight?

These yoyos are relatively light with a weight of 53 grams.

What are the dimensions of the Yoyo with light Gulu?

The diameter is 5.8cm, and the width is 3.5cm. Put them in a pocket or bag with ease.

I want to personalise them with a colourful design. Is this possible?

Yes, we utilise a full-colour printing method for these yoyos, so you can have many colours in your design.

Can you suggest ways to use these yoyos?

You can use them for your brand, as a gift or for yourself. Print them with your brand logo, your name, or a friends name to make it extra special. The ways you can use these promotional yoyos are endless - you can give them away at children's events or even weddings as a unique "thank you gift".
Product Dimensions Ø5,8x3,5 cm
Item Weight 53

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