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Yoyo Lira

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The Yoyo Lira is a modern take on a traditional yoyo. Yoyos were first used as a thrifty way to utilise leftover fabric scraps, and while they were initially rumoured to be used for hunting purposes, that knowledge has since changed to the belief that they were simply used as fun toys. The Yoyo Liras comprise strong, durable plastic material with a shiny surface and are a fantastic toy idea for both kids and adults. They have a sleek, thin design with a thin string and a size suitable to slip into your pocket with ease.

Available in 5 colours, the Yoyo Liras can furthermore be bought in bulk and used in a promotional giveaway or as a personalised birthday present with our personalization services. We use full-colour printing, so you can submit your company's design or specify your friend's name, and we'll do the rest. The glossy surface of these yoyos will reflect your text or logo beautifully and clearly - making them the perfect opportunity for you to advertise your brand and perhaps increase your clientele! Give them away at events where there a plenty of kids and set up yoyo games to get them interacted and engaged, or promote your business at weddings - why not personalise the yoyos with your guests' names and give them as a thank you gift? With our brilliant services, the options are endless on how you'd like to use them.

My design has more than one colour - is that ok?

Yes, we use full-colour printing for the Yoyo Liras, so you can use several colours in your designs.

What is the size of them?

They have the dimensions of 5.9cm (diameter) and 1.5cm (thickness/width).

Can I purchase this type of yoyo in different colours?

Yes, you can purchase them in green, blue, red, white and yellow colours. You may also get a combination of these within one order.

What could I use these yoyos for?

A yoyo is a fantastic toy idea for kids or adults. They span back centuries and are famed for their amusing game where the user swings the yoyo down holding the string loop and get it to bounce back up repeatedly.

What differentiates this yoyo from the others you sell?

The Yoyo Liras have a sleeker and thinner design than our range of other yoyos. This design feature may make it more suitable for those who enjoy keeping a yoyo in their pocket.
Product Dimensions ø59 x 15 mm
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