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Yoyo Masaka

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Have you ever played with a yoyo? You haven't lived as a human until you have! The Yoyo Masaka is traditionally inspired by original yoyos that first came about centuries ago. They have a natural wood tone, a perfect colour for everyone to enjoy, with a durable white string attached. The convenient size and weight make them the perfect go-to toy for travels, while at work or even when you're just sitting at home feeling bored. Playing with the yoyo can increase your reflexes, exercise you cognitively, reduce stress and enhance your productivity.

The best way to use the Yoyo Masakas would be to buy them in bulk, brand them with our services, and give them away to advertise your company - who would say no to a free yoyo? The traditional feel combined with our printing services would also make the Yoyo Masakas the perfect gift to grandparents and adults alike to remind them of vintage toys. Or, why not show your kid the ropes of how to become a yoyo master? They'll feel challenged and competitive to beat their parents at the famous yoyo game!

What are the printing guidelines for the Yoyo Masakas?

You can print within an imprint area of 30 x 30mm in full colour!

What is the diameter of these yoyos?

The Yoyo Masakas have a diameter of 5.2cm and a thickness of 2.5cm.

Will they be light or heavy?

Very light - they weigh only 36 grams! Put it in your bag, pocket, purse, or wherever you'd like and notice how it barely makes a difference to the weight.

How could I use the Yoyo Masakas in a promotional way?

The toy and game inspiration is perfect for a range of promotional events because both kids and adults can enjoy the yoyos! Brand them with your logo and give them away to promote your business.

How do you use them?

You slip the ring of the yoyo string onto your middle finger, throw your arm down to release the yoyo, and give it a firm tug with it is fully extended to bring it back! The challenge is to do this repeatedly to see how long you can "yoyo" for.

How does the Yoyo Masaka differ to the Yoyo Kasese?

These have noticeably more curved edges that are rounded at the top and bottom compared to the Kasese. This gives it a slightly less bulky appearance and may be easier to put in your pocket.
Product Dimensions Ø5,2x2,5 cm
Item Weight 36

The price could be subject to modifications without previous notice. They exclude VAT, branding and delivery costs. Delivery varies between products and quantities. Disclosure of a product does not imply its availability.

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