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USB Pen Anseba

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The 2-in-1 USB Pen Anseba is a conveniently discreet way to store a USB and write for tasks simultaneously. This unique and intelligent design combines the latest technology of a Micro UDP chip with premium materials that result in a professional, high-quality appearance. Metal housing and rubber finishes on each USB Pen create a comfortable grip for its user while writing softly or aggressively - whatever you require a pen for. The slim elegance of the pen with the integrated USB stick tucked away neatly in the top provides you with the best flexibility regarding work or school needs.

The USB Pens come in several different colours, as well as the writing colours of black or blue. If you plan on using them for a promotional giveaway, why not add a unique touch to the pens with your logo or preferred design? We can print in full colour or use laser engraving depending on your requirements. The laser engraving makes for a more luxurious aspect, while the colour printing adds vibrancy to your brand image.

With their compact size, lightweight and fantastic convenience, these USB Pens can be taken with you anywhere. Jot down notes, to-do lists, mark papers, organise thoughts, write reminders at work or write in your journal with the pen function, and store important files for work or school with the USB feature. The versatility the USB Pens provide is unmatched in comparison to regular pens.

What storage capacities are available?

You can purchase the USB Pen in 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb, and 128Gb capacities.

What do they weigh?

You can enjoy a light weight of just 28.5 grams with the USB Pens.

Can you provide the dimensions?

Yes, the measurements for the USB Pens are 138.3 x 14.8mm. You can treat them as you would with regular pens and store them in pencil case, bag, purse, or your pocket. The tip diameter is 1mm.

What is the writing length?

You can write up to 1km with our promotional USB Pen Anseba.

What colour do these pens write in?

You can select a writing colour of black or blue - or mix and match both in one order.

How does the personalization work?

You can choose to print your design in full colour on 3 positions, or 4 positions with our laser engraving technique.
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