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This type of briefcase is an indispensable item in any business, an accessory that has been making history for decades and is not going down. The essential merchandise product in fairs and congresses. That promotional conference bag with the logo of a pharmaceutical company printed on it, who hasn't had it in their hands at some time without knowing exactly how it came into your possession?

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Document bags as essential material for your professional congresses

We still remember our parents tidying up their compartments before any important trips or meetings: pens, business cards, notebooks, catalogues and the tipp-ex when it was still a brush.

We revealed the secrets of the success of the document bags over the years. It must be said that from storing notebooks and catalogues some time ago, they have moved on to carrying mainly laptops, and where there was tape or tipp-ex, now there are USB cables, pendrives and power banks; in other words, the conference bag has known how to adapt to the times:

Small and very practical models for daily use, more spacious and complete models for business trips. With various materials - rPET, polyester, patent leather, leather - all resistant to wear and tear: they are made to last. With interior compartments and exterior pockets that isolate and save your laptop or other delicate devices from rubbing, they help you keep your briefcase well organized and everything in it easily reachable. Inside they are usually lined with polyester and have velcro fasteners for reinforcement. They are also available as shoulder bags, which means they are longer and hang more than the classic rectangular models with a horizontal design. Almost all of them have a double handle and a shoulder strap, so that each person can wear it as if it were more comfortable.

The good thing about these bags is that they are timeless and not seasonal; that is, we do not depend on the Christmas or summer campaign to be able to give your employees or clients a gift with them. If you are an event organizer you know that from September to July is high season for exhibitions, incentives, meetings and conferences so any time is ideal to equip the workers of the organizing company and / or invited attendees to the event with a briefcase of this category in which they can also keep other small promotional items that complete the kit of the participant: pen, notebook, calculator, power banks ... We have many ideas to give you in this area.

Given the variety of models that exist, the answer is yes, because you can find cheap conference bags that fit the most restrained or austere budgets and medium or high range document bags with higher costs but still have very affordable prices as promotional items that are. Rest assured and choose a briefcase according to your needs and convenience: color, price, capacity, occasion, functionality. If you have any doubts, we will be happy to help you or send you a physical sample.

The logo can take up a lot of space on these items as they are large and allow for large designs. From one color to full color and even laser for those models that bring a metal plate on which to engrave your logo, a commemorative date or other relevant data, some of them are even designed for sublimation!