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Purchase personalized items for professional events, fairs and congresses

The MICE sector in its English, Spanish acronym Meetings, Incentives, Congresses and Exhibitions, is for tourism a huge source of income worldwide. A market that makes millions of people move around the planet to meet on common interest topics and in business meetings to communicate. And communicating is communicated with content and speeches and with brand image so that the merchandising that is produced as a consequence has an immense volume and a very important weight in these professional oc

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Prepare the perfect conference kit for a warm welcome to your attendees

A congress case with a personalized notebook, a matching pen, a USB Stick. If you also want to personalize desk material for the tables in the room you can add personalized candies, briefcases, an anti-stress, water bottles. We've seen it all and the possibilities are endless in this area. From the personalized lanyard for the accreditation, to the cotton bag with logo, the chocolates, the water cans and the beach towels for the teambuilding activities, power-banks, etc.

We would like to take the leap to the next level of promotional merchandise which is the production of large size and signage material with you: banners, roll-ups and banners, counters, advertising canvases, vinyls, etc. We can make the brochures, displays and an endless amount of products that are essential in communicating a message for the organizing company. We suggest that you contact Maria, our events and meetings specialist, who will be happy to help you find the most creative and useful advertising gifts, helping you to achieve part of the ROI you want from your corporate events.

We tend to go for the easy way because we are in a hurry and because sometimes it is difficult to break with customs and traditions. However, if you are willing to surprise your participants, we have a whole universe of promotional gifts to resort to in order to make your event attractive and special: exclusively made blankets and socks, luggage ribbons, top brand headphones with your client's logo, personalized coffee machines, instant cameras, special packaging... If you have certain VIP attendees for whom you want to organize premium gifts, we can also advise you on how to make the right choice and the associated quality-price ratio.

Going against the clock is one of the masters developed by any event organizer and we are able to adapt. If you run, we fly and help you save time. We can print your promotional gifts in record time and we can also help you with assembly or assembly so you have the welcome kit ready when you need it. Your logo or your client's logo can be printed on all our promotional items using different techniques.