Branded shoe bags

Give a personalised shoe bag with your team's logo

A shoe bag is one of those promotional items that can make your sport or travel more enjoyable. As a giveaway product can be used in any sport, such as football, tennis, basketball or cycling and is a very cool option to personalize it with the name of each star athlete or the logo of each team.

Can you find a better invention than a personalized shoe bag?

You no longer need to hang your sports shoes tied to your backpack when you finish any exercise or always remember to carry the nylon bag in the sports bag. This sports accessory is ideal to finish your favorite sport with everything neatly dirty until you get home.

Running is fashionable in the main cities, London, Manchester, Rome, Athens and other capitals.

Surely in your company or among your clients there is a running group. That popular tribe that give everything in every race and prepare all year round boasting that they can improve their records and their new supersonic running shoes. So imagine if you give the experienced runner this promotional product to keep his precious running shoes. He will surely love it and it will be of great use to him at the time of reaching his next sporting feat.

The personalised shoe bag can also be a very creative corporate gift. I thought I'd suggest this article for a team building or, why not, as a birthday present for the company's employees. It's so nice when we get a personalized gift, isn't it? It means they've been thinking about how to make us feel special and in this particular case, especially sports that sounds great.

With so many sporting events organized by companies and in major cities, this giveaway product can be a novel initiative in your future marketing campaign. I also have a sport and am happy with my shoe carrier. I am a paddle girl, very good by the way and very modest... Meccc... Therefore, a shoe bag is very comfortable for me to carry easily in the paddle bag and separate the shoes from the rest of the clothes.

Another option for this promotional item is a personalized shoe bag with the anagram of the club for children who start the season with so much enthusiasm with their team. All of them, said by each parent, future football cracks, tennis, basketball.

You can also use it as a travel bag or as a shoe bag, everything being well organized in your suitcase.

As you can see in the flower of our logo, we like to give color to all our promotional gifts. On our shoe bags, having a large printing area, you can think of a color theme that represents the colors of your brand or logo.

We have many models of inexpensive shoe carriers and some of them with breathable netting. If you also want a sports backpack with a built-in shoe bag you can also buy it here and thus solve two gifts in one.

Do not hesitate, come to order your custom shoe holders so that your brand is the most original at the next sporting event in the city.